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Staff By Day, Wedding Dancers By Night

News Story

By day, these Pace staffers are in charge of Lubin’s communication, but at night (okay, on their lunch break) they're leading line dances and getting Pace moving.

There’s nothing worse than being left behind at an empty table while everyone else has departed to the dance floor. But never fear—Lubin’s got the solution to your party woes.

“A few years ago, Barbara Rose went on a cruise and when she returned to work she mentioned that she failed to learn the train dance,” says Director of Communications and External Relations for the Lubin School of Business Tamara Kelley of her Lubin colleague and Associate Dean for Communications Barbara Rose Aglietti. The Lubin team decided that learning the dance and performing it together would be a great way to have fun and learn. They watched tutorials on YouTube, practiced their steps, and then unveiled their new routine at the Lubin holiday party.

“We had so much fun we decided to take our show on the road and extended an invitation to the Pace NYC community to come and dance with us,” explains Kelly. “We reached out to Ramon Montague in the gym and inquired about using the facility for our workout, and from there everything else is history. Overall, our main aim was to have fun with colleagues while exercising and learning new dances.”

The great part of the Wedding Dance Workout, as they call it, is that the dances the group teach are often the most common staple dances and highlights of any wedding or party event. And you don’t need to be a fabulous dancer to join in!

“The dances are very forgiving,” says Kelly. “It’s fun because the choreography is the same and there is no pressure to think about what your next step should be. Once you learn them, you can add your own twist and still be in-step with the others dancing to the same song.”

Lubin’s Matrisha Blyden serves as the group’s choreographer and DJ and sometimes co-teacher. Her favorite dance to teach lately? Pharrell’s “Happy.” Other dances in their repertoire include the Cupid Shuffle, the Wobble, the Train, slides—both Mississippi and Electric, the classic Cotton-Eyed Joe, and Step in the Name of Love. They’re adding a few more to the list this year with Uptown Funk, the whip and nae nae, and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Dancing with your colleagues is a great way to break up your work day, connect with coworkers, have fun, and relieve stress. One of the best moments for the group this year? University Relations’ Maria De La Cruz literally sitting on the floor during the Cha Cha Slide when the singer rhetorically asks “How low can you go?”

“The Wedding Dance Workout is open to the entire Pace Community—staff, faculty, students…even Pace security come to our sessions when they have time,” Kelly says. “As a matter of fact, we would like to extend an invitation to President Friedman to join us!”

Anyone interested in joining Lubin for their Wedding Dance Workout should e-mail Matrisha Blyden at for times and locations. Upcoming sessions include Thursdays, October 8, 15, 29, from 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. in the C-Level Gym at One Pace Plaza.