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Startup Your Semester (NYC)

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Whether you’re looking to pitch an idea you’ve had or start a small business, there are a ton of ways to one day become your own boss. Get started with the Entrepreneurship Lab and Small Business Development Center events during Fall 2019.

Entrepreneurship Lab

Network. Brainstorm. Collaborate. Pitch. The Entrepreneurship Lab (eLab) has been leading the charge for students interested in seeing their ideas and innovation become a reality. Led by Executive Director Bruce Bachenheimer, clinical professor of management at Lubin, the eLab is a collaborative workspace designed to bring great minds together. They have consistently provided students with a space to launch and manage new ventures, while also offering a home base for those wishing to explore entrepreneurship. You won’t want to miss their upcoming events:

7th Annual Networking Event
Thursday, October 3 | 5:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m. | Bianco Room
Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to network with your fellow students who are excited about entrepreneurship! You never know who you might meet—including future collaborators. Come share ideas and expertise in an informal setting, and enjoy the free food and beverages. RSVP to attend the eLab’s 7th Annual Networking Event!

Panel Discussion
Thursday, November 14 | 5:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m. | Bianco Room
Moderated by Executive Director Bruce Bachenheimer, this panel discussion will bring together important innovators to discuss and share their expertise with students who are looking to learn from today’s thought leaders. Be sure to check back for the guests once they’re announced!

Mobile App Design Competition
Friday, March 6 | 6:00 p.m. | 163 William Street, Room 344
One of the most highly anticipated competitions at Pace, the Mobile App Design Competition challenges students to form teams to create a concept mobile application using any tool or script/programming language and demonstrate to an audience and judging panel—for prizes. Read on for more information about this year’s Mobile App Design Competition.

15th Annual Pace Pitch Competition
Thursday, April 23 | 6:00 p.m. | Bianco Room
The Pace Pitch Contest is based on the Elevator Pitch concept popular in the venture capital community. It’s an extremely concise presentation of an entrepreneur’s idea, business model, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, and financial plan, which is delivered to potential investors. Now you’ll get the chance to present your own idea! Check out last year’s Pace Pitch Competition for more information.

Small Business Development Center

The Pace University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has consistently provided students with in-depth and confidential one-on-one business advisement, training, and research to help small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs grow or launch their business venture. Don’t miss out on their upcoming workshops and training!

Business Entity Formation
Tuesday, September 17 | 6:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m. | Bianco Room
Looking for guidance on how to form a company? Lucky for you, the SBDC has partnered up with City Bar Justice Center to explain the different forms of business structure to help you choose the right one for your business. The presenting attorney will describe the respective benefits and tax implications of each structure, as well as the steps and corresponding costs associated with each. Register to attend the Business Entity Formation event.

Small Business Accounting Basics
Wednesday, September 18 | 10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. | Bianco Room
As a small business owner, it’s critical to have a working understanding of accounting basics to enable you to make critical business decisions based on financial data and performance. Led by SBDC Business Advisor Sandra Cely, this workshop will cover the fundamentals of accounting to help attendees be better equipped to handle their business' financials. Register to attend the Small Business Accounting Basics event!

Government Procurement Strategies
Tuesday, September 24 | 10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. | Student Center West
SBDC is partnering with the US Small Business Administration (SBA) to help entrepreneurs identify and respond to government contract opportunities, as well as deliver on those contracts for which they are selected. The workshop will highlight contracting resources available for small businesses and strategies for how to increase your likelihood of obtaining contracts from government agencies and prime contractors. Register to attend the Government Procurement Strategies event!

Meet the Small Business Lenders
Wednesday, September 25 | 9:00 a.m.–10:00 a.m. | Bianco Room
Are you an existing small business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur in need of financing for your business? Then come meet small business lenders at this free forum hosted by SBDC and SBA! Whether you’re looking to expand your current operations or to launch a new venture, this session will provide practical strategies to finance your small business. Register to attend the Meet the Small Business Lenders event.

Intellectual Property Rights for Entrepreneurs
Wednesday, October 2 | 6:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m. | Student Center West
Have you developed an innovative product or service and find yourself hesitant to share it with prospective investors or partners because you don’t want to see your concept stolen or duplicated? The SBDC partnered with the City Bar Justice Center’s Neighborhood Entrepreneur Law Project to bring you legal professionals who will help you navigate through the intricacies of intellectual property law to better protect your ideas and business concepts. Register to attend the Intellectual Property Rights for Entrepreneurs event.