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Students of Pace (NYC)

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Humans of Pace: PLV, you’ve got a counterpart and it’s Students of Pace. Share away, NYC students.

Recently we shared some info on Humans of Pace: PLV, inspired by Humans of New York (HONY), a photoblog with more than 10 million followers and bestselling book featuring portraits and quotes/interviews of NYC’s inhabitants.

Not long after, we received an e-mail from Students of Pace: NYC, who are just as busy on Instagram, capturing the Pace student experience, one story at a time.

What started as a group project for a communications class to create a video or social media page that could go viral or gain a large following has turned into a unique collection of portraits and stories of Pace students. While those behind the account would like to remain anonymous, the students are sharing their stories, ranging from simple (favorite food in the caf) to inspiring and insightful:

“I came to NYC with champagne dreams and beer pockets. After four years, the city has taught me just how far a dollar can go.”

"What's the best advice you've ever received?" "If you have a plan B you'll never do plan A."

Now go ahead and follow Students of Pace: NYC on Instagram at and tumblr at