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Study Abroad Fair: Spring 2021

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Drop in on Tuesday, February 2, and Wednesday, February 3, for exclusive access to 50+ live sessions with university reps from around the world, Pace students who studied abroad, expert Pace faculty, and much more.

Pace’s all-day virtual Study Abroad Fair is an opportunity to kick off your study abroad journey. Think about what you’re looking for, pick the sessions you want to join, and ask questions during the live sessions to get more info. They’ll be taking place on Tuesday, February 2, and Wednesday, February 3, so mark your calendars.

The team also put together a helpful guide to get you started before the big event. With access to 50+ sessions, there’s a lot to consider!

How does the Pace virtual Study Abroad Fair work?

1. Go to the Study Abroad Fair website and log in using your Pace credentials.
2. Explore the schedule of live sessions and pick the ones you want to join. You’ll be able to talk to other university representatives, discuss identity abroad, hear from Pace study abroad alumni, learn about scholarship opportunities, and more!
3. Can’t make a live session? No worries. You can explore the flyers and videos available online.
4. If you have general questions about the study abroad experience, please email the Study Abroad team to speak with an advisor. You can also review their handy FAQ page for more information.
5. Be sure to sign up for an Abroad 101 info session to continue your global journey!

What questions should I be asking myself?

  • >> Why do I want to study abroad?
  • >> What are my academic and personal objectives from a study abroad experience?
  • >> Where do I want to study? (Big city vs. university town vs. off the beaten path)
  • >> What length program should I choose? (1–3 weeks, 4+ weeks, semester, year)
  • >> What kinds of courses can I take abroad (and graduate on time)?
  • >> What kind of program can I afford, and what scholarships can I explore?
  • >> How much interaction with other US university students do I want?
  • >> What type of foreign culture (and language) do I want to experience?
  • >> What non-academic opportunities do I want? (e.g. Travel/campus, clubs/volunteering)
  • >> What level of on-site support do I need? How independent do I want to be?

What questions should I ask partners at the fair?

  • >> Why should I pick your university/program?
  • >> What’s special about your university/progam’s location?
  • >> I’m an X major. Can I study X at your university?
  • >> What is the learning style like, and how does it differ from the US?
  • >> What’s the cost-of-living in your location?
  • >> What kind of housing is offered?
  • >> What’s the mix of US students, local students, and international students?
  • >> What level of independence is expected of students on this program?
  • >> What is student life like outside the classroom?
  • >> What is your favorite thing about the program?