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Summer Daze

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Activism on the island, Axl Rose in Jersey, wine in the woods, and meeting an elephant named Hannah who lives in Zimbabwe—Pace faculty and staff made the most of their summer Fridays.

“I spent this summer knee-deep in community organizing! I live on Long Island and this year the LGBT Pride Parade out here was canceled even though transgender Long Islanders still don’t have basic civil protections. I spent evenings and weekends with my LGBTQ ‘family of choice’ as a co-chair to organize Long Island’s first LGBTQ Visibility Walk in Sayville on June 12. At a time when LGBTQ people around the country are losing their rights, I felt it important to use my strengths to increase the visibility of my community. Our movement has become one with almost 2,000 followers and our story has been told in Newsday, The Huffington Post, CBS, 1010 Wins, WPIX, and other news outlets!”—Erin Furey, Assistant Director of LGBTQA Services

“Many people seek to leave the sluggish environs of New York City during the summer…which to me, makes these months all-the-more enjoyable. A memorable trip to the IKEA in Red Hook, an ongoing tour of noted ice cream establishments (favorites include Ample Hills Creamery and 10Below), and trips to the Rockaways are just some of the things that make summer in NYC a real treasure.”—Lance Pauker, Marketing Writer/Editor, University Relations


“The Girl Scout Camporee650 girls in one field. Holy squealy voices, Batman.”Andie Marais, Senior Director, English Language Institute



"This summer I went to the 2016 Finger Lakes Wine Festival. It was a lot of fun and a great summer event in a beautiful area!"—Jacqueline Tortorella, Assistant Director, Marketing and Account Management, University Relations

“The highlight of my summer was seeing Guns N’ Roses at MetLife stadium for their Not in This Lifetime reunion tour. Growing up, I was a huge GNR fan, and my older sisters took me to see them at Giants Stadium in 1988. It was beyond amazing to return with my oldest sister, to almost the same location, 28 years later to see GNR reunite.”—Andrea Carricato, Assistant Director of Digital and Social Content, Lubin School of Business

"I was at the Glen Afric Wildlife Reserve in Hartbeespoort, South Africa, assisting in anti-poaching efforts. Surprisingly, it is possible to directly interact and communicate with animals in the wildeach of which has its own very distinct personality. That direct contact ultimately made for a life experience that can’t be had anywhere else. T-Bone came along for the trip and he had his own unique adventures that included abduction by a lovelorn giraffe, a tug-of-war with an intrigued elephant, and a pit-stop in Amsterdam while returning to the US." —Scott Trent, Executive Director, Media Relations