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Testimonial: Courtney Johnson

News Story

Graduating student Courtney Michelle Johnson ’15 reflects on the opportunities Pace provided her and how she’s taken advantage of them to get to the next step of her journey.

“What I love about Pace is the amount of opportunity there is for students to take advantage of. I always loved writing, so within the first month of being on campus I joined The Pace Press and became the Features Editor, a year later I also applied to become a Writing Tutor. I love being involved on campus, because I've been able to meet and help so many different students and strengthen my writing skills in the process. I am also a student blogger for The Huffington Post College and a contributing writer at USA TODAY College—both of these opportunities I was able to gain through connections at Pace. I used my experience in tutoring and writing to land an acceptance to Columbia University's School of Journalism for an MS program in Data Journalism and used summer classes and CLEP exams to finish a lot of my credits early and graduate a year early. I am so excited to walk in May with the Class of 2015! Each time I look at my cap and gown I think about the opportunities I have been able to take advantage of during my time at Pace.”

—Courtney Michelle Johnson ’15
Communication Studies
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Graduating in a few weeks? Share something about Pace you’ll miss, a professor who opened a door for you, a club or student org that changed your life, words of advice for current or prospective students, your plans for after graduation, etc. and we’ll include your quotes right here! Submit your Pace story here or e-mail it directly to with a photo.