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Testimonial: Jacqueline Kelleher

News Story

Graduating student Jacqueline Kelleher '15 thanks her professors and mentors for fueling her passion for research and collaboration, which she'll be taking with her overseas after graduation.

"The 20142015 Provost Undergraduate Research Program opened my eyes to a world of research and collaboration. I have to thank Dr. Joseph H. Lee for taking me under his wing, Dr. Meghana V. Nayak for facilitating that connection while taking her Advanced International Relations course, and Dr. Sue Maxam for encouraging me to join the program and to pursue my passions. Thanks for facilitating this exchange of knowledge and mentoring so that I could formulate research on the Hong Kong Democracy Movement. I plan to apply this experience to my future career in International Relations as I plan to live and work abroad until I find a master's program that is right for me."

—Jacqueline Kelleher '15
International Management
Lubin School of Business

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