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These Women Mean Business

News Story

From accounting, banking, and finance to law, government, and nonprofit sectors. Pace’s successful female alumnae mean business, and now they mean to do business with your student org or group.

Is your student org or group looking for a chance to connect with some of Pace’s successful women alumnae next semester? Have an idea of an event or activity that would benefit from some female career insight? Or maybe you’d like to take your group off-campus and into the C-suite? Now’s your chance to make it happen.

A dynamic group of professional women alumnae have recently created the Women in Business (WIB) Steering Committee. Through this initiative, the WIB members offer to share their expertise and experience by providing student groups the opportunity to gain greater insights into various business professions through networking, speaking engagements, office shadowing opportunities, and other activities.

If your organization would like to develop a formal partnership or partner for an event or activity with WIB, please complete the attached Request for Proposal (RFP). Groups are encouraged to submit one or more RFPs for their group to participate in. The proposal deadline is Wednesday, November 18. Please submit proposals to Joyce Friedmann at