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Top Tips for Orientation

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Class of 2023, put your paws up! As you head to campus, keep in mind these five ways to help make your Orientation experience as worthwhile as possible, which will help ensure that you’ll be ready and raring to go come move-in day.

1. Come with an Open Mind

The next four years will be filled with exciting challenges, opportunities, and wonderfully bizarre situations. Get those positive vibes going by being open to everything that may come at you—the best way to make the most of your college experience is to embrace the weird, the wild, and the wacky.

2. Uncertainty is A-OK

Did you know that fewer than 10% of first-year students feel they know a lot about their chosen major, and that three out of four students don’t know what profession they want to pursue? If you walked on campus knowing all of these answers, you wouldn’t need us! Soak in everything you can from your Orientation Leaders, future academic advisors, career services staff, and every other staff and faculty member who will prove crucial to your future success story.

3. Look Up!

With so many new faces and settings abound, it could be tempting to pull the 2019 version of the ostrich and dig your head into that phone. Keep that chin up! The only thing standing between you and your future new best friend might be some genuine eye contact. That said, we of course encourage fellow Setters to share all of the fun and fanfare of Orientation, using the hashtag #PaceBound.

4. Get on the Path

If you have the drive, we have the path. The Pace Path is a customized four-year plan that is specifically designed for you to shine bright (like a diamond). No matter what your major might end up being, the Pace Path’s combination of strong academics, goal-setting, experiential learning, and meaningful mentorships will anchor you as you grow and achieve during your four years at Pace.

5. Don’t Sweat It

Above all, you’re coming to Pace to learn, make memories, have an unforgettable four years, and be put in a position to rock the real world come 2023. Orientation is designed to help you get acclimated to Setter Life, and ensure you can’t wait to step back on campus come September. We welcome you to the Setter family with open arms, and look forward to seeing you sporting our famous blue and gold!

Register for Orientation and get started on your college experience—get your class schedule, learn all about Pace's services and programs, meet future classmates and friends, get to know student clubs, and more.