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Unity Art Installation

News Story

You’ve probably seen this art installation on the NYC Campus—it’s massive, multidisciplinary, and entirely built by first-year Pace students. They came together (socially distant) to create Unity, a 3D relief mural that stands as a message of hope and solidarity.

In a time defined by social distancing, mask wearing, and industrial-grade sanitizers to manage the global spread of COVID-19, as well as a time of national reckoning on race and equality in America with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, first-year Pace art majors responded in a big way. Students enrolled in the Fall 2020 ART 169 3D Design class came together to create what they called Unity, a 3D relief mural to be seen and discussed right on the NYC Campus. It stands as a message of hope and solidarity, combining text, structure, and image to celebrate the energy and tenacious spirit of New York City in a time of renewal.

But how did it all come together? “There was a great deal of discussion around [the] Black Lives Matter movement and some of the murals that were being created nation-wide,” Professor Charlotte Becket told us. “It felt like a time when everybody was so isolated.”

First-year Pace students who worked to create the Unity art installation“We worked on-campus socially distant with masks spread out across three studios with a full class of 16 students,” Charlotte said. “It was really only five or six students per room.”

The class came up with the concept of Unity together by sketching, building models, creating Photoshop proposals, using woodworking tools, and taking measurements at the site where the mural would eventually be built. “It allowed us to be very, very social with each other,” Charlotte said, given the nature of working on such an incredibly interdisciplinary project long-term.

We’re delighted to share the names of all the dedicated, incredibly creative students who worked so hard to put this art installation together. Be sure to thank them for their efforts!

The Artists:

  • >> Vanessa Carlson
  • >> Maeva Decembre
  • >> Jayla Dismukes
  • >> Jessica Giaimo
  • >> Gavriella Gonzalez
  • >> Karis Hakala
  • >> Shannon Layburn
  • >> Arthur Adrian Nagels
  • >> Michelle Ramdial
  • >> Zach Sackstein
  • >> Michelle Vigueria
  • >> Ashley Wong