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Akhila Ramesh ’21 is the vice president and founding e-board member of POSE (Pace Original Style Etiquette) and she’s used her marketing and business savvy to organize panels with fashion industry professionals. It’s no wonder her name means “unbroken”—nothing can stop her!

Vice President of POSE Akhila Ramesh ’21 knows exactly what she wants. After attending community college for two years, she knew what to look for in her next higher education experience. “I wanted to stay at a school nearby [when] pursuing a four-year degree while receiving a quality education,” she told us. Her mother is an alumna of Pace, too, having received her master’s degree in management information systems. It seemed like a natural choice to consider Pace for her next step, and it’s since worked out well. “I have made lots of new friends, and find Pace to be a small, caring, and tight-knit community,” Ramesh said.

Initially, she settled on majoring in management before switching to marketing thanks to taking a number of classes in the Media, Communications, and Visual Arts (MCVA) department. “I felt that it gave me better preparation in this field, and [it] had more rigorous math courses, which I needed when working in business,” Ramesh said. It suited her personality more, too, as she said that, “I am a very business-oriented person, and I can see myself running my own creative agency or even becoming an entrepreneur.”

Having an entrepreneurial mindset certainly helped Ramesh in her efforts to launch a new club: the Pace Original Style Etiquette, otherwise known as POSE. She is the current vice president and, as a founding e-board member, worked hard to advertise the club across the PLV Campus, which has since exploded in popularity. “We did a panel of different industry professionals for one of our first events, featuring notable guest speakers such as the managing editor of Paper magazine,” Ramesh said. They began to collaborate with other clubs after, too, such as SOCA (Students of Caribbean Awareness) and Abyss of Sound. “I enjoyed organizing these various events, and working with peers who had similar interests to mine, and who also wanted to see more artsy clubs on campus,” she told us.

That’s the kind of drive that impressed representatives at the MCN (Millennium Campus Network) and the United Nations Academic Impact. They recognized Ramesh with a 2020 Millennium Fellow award along with nine other Pace students. They were selected among 15,000 other potential candidates from more than 135 nations—a momentous achievement for everyone involved. “I am very excited to see how things get executed and am wishing for the ultimate success on everyone’s projects,” Ramesh told us. She met with her fellow awardees, who she enthused had “amazing ideas and motivation for their chosen social impact assignments.” We’re excited to see where they go from here!

In her spare time, though, Ramesh gives back to her local community. She was featured on News 12 for writing letters to the elderly in nearby nursing homes at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I was just using this [as] an opportunity to try and reach out to those like me who need a friend right now and who are really lonely,” she explained. “These people at nursing homes don't have visitors or volunteers because of the outbreak.”

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Ramesh has achieved so much in only a few years at Pace. “My first name ‘Akhila’ is of Sanskrit (Indian) origin,” she said, “and [it] means ‘unbroken’ as well as ‘goddess of the universe.’” The name suits her very well! We’re honored that she chose to attend and enrich the Pace Community to the extent that she has, and we know the future is looking to be very bright for Ramesh.

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