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Visualizing the Pace Path

News Story

Students in New York City and Westchester discuss how the Pace Path has helped them make the most of their college experience, and prepare for what lies ahead.

How does the Pace Path work? The following videos will help faculty, staff, students, and prospective members of the Pace Community better understand the Pace Path in action.

Each of the five videos features an exceptional Pace student joined by the faculty, staff, peers, and mentors and mentees who have influenced their unique story. From Julian Alston ’18 working with Career Services to land internship interviews at big tech firms such as Google and LinkedIn, to Elliana Gianacopoulos ’18 conducting biology research with her professor and mentor Marcy Kelly, the videos demonstrate how the Pace Path empowers students to achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals, and ultimately become successful, sought after leaders in their fields.

Elliana Gianacopoulos '18: Biology, BS

Julian Alston '18: International Management, BBA

Henry Snyder '17: Nursing, BS

Jamie DelToro '19: Education, BA

Ava Posner '18: Information Technology, BS

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