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To-be double alumna Julia St. Clair ’20 has written personal essays, screenplays, teleplays, and even acts in her spare time—all while pursuing an MS in Publishing. But did you know she’s also a Grateful Dead fan?

Julia St. Clair ’20 is always creating. She’s a copywriter and proofreader for Pace’s Development and Alumni Relations office, and in her spare time, she’s running her own blog, pitching her original screenplays and teleplays, auditioning for acting jobs, and oh yeah, she’s also pursuing an MS in Publishing. “I always knew I wanted to do something with writing,” she told us. “Growing up, I always thought I’d have to become a reporter to get that.”

Originally, St. Clair pursued broadcast journalism at another college, but ultimately decided it wasn’t a good fit for her. “[I] debated my career path,” St. Clair explained, choosing to take a semester off to pursue a stipend editorial internship and plan her next move. Ultimately, it was a friend attending Pace who would offer St. Clair a new perspective. “When my friend told me about all the opportunities offered through Dyson and the MCVA department, I knew I was meant to switch [to] communications.”

While pursuing her bachelor’s degree, St. Clair landed a job working for the Human Resources department as a student assistant, a position that connected her to Pace’s mentoring program. “It was a great opportunity to get to know my co-workers and gain their insight, knowledge, and advice,” she told us. “It also made me really feel a part of a team, and my HR co-workers became a second family of sorts.”

After graduating with her bachelor’s, St. Clair knew she wanted to continue on to obtain a master’s. “It was always in the back of my mind. I privately vowed that I would if I got a full-time job.” Thanks to her talent and perseverance, she transitioned to the Alumni Relations department soon after, which was when she signed up for her MS. One of her assignments, coincidentally, was near and dear to her heart: working on the first President’s Scholarship and Benefactor Dinner in 2018.

“It was wonderful to put a name to the faces of people who I knew through writing and editing letters,” St. Clair said. She’d earned several scholarships at Pace, many thanks to the very people who would attend the event she was working on bringing to life—literally. “I saw some of my work come to life onscreen [with] a PowerPoint I made. It was a lot of fun, and a beautiful event!”

Her interest in writing doesn’t stop at work or even in her current studies as a publishing student. St. Clair is an avid screenplay and teleplay writer, too, and has appeared as an actor in a number of background roles on shows like Amazon’s Red Oaks. “It’s just enough for people you know to recognize you and text, ‘Were you in a TV show?’”

Like her interests, St. Clair finds inspiration in a great many things. “While I create, I love to listen to music—especially live sets from Grateful Dead concerts and classical music. My dad is a Deadhead, and I grew up listening to their music through him.”

What advice does she have for any budding writers or editors out there? “Always be open-minded and never give up,” St. Clair insisted. “There was a time when I didn’t write for nearly a year except for work because I was discouraged by rejection. However, it’s like anything in life [...] you have to keep trying and know everything will work out in the long run, even if you don’t see it now.”

We’re excited to hear about St. Clair’s next big adventure, wherever her eclectic talents take her. She was actually in Rome as part of a Pace travel course, which you can read more about on her blog. Fun fact? “I can recite every English (later British after the Union of the Crowns) monarch in order by heart. I know that’s really random, but it served as a great gateway to explore the histories of other royal families and houses!”

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