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The Worldwide Performer

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Suhani Baviskar ’25 has big dreams. She’s persevered through a battle with toxic shock syndrome, becoming a composer, pianist, and aspiring entrepreneur who hopes to one day launch an organization helping kids with disabilities. Unstoppable.

The multi-talented Suhani Baviskar ’25 is as impressive as her resume suggests. Not only has she played piano professionally for many years, she also composes her own music and published an album, “Eventually,” which feature eight tracks with a variety of different instruments. Her interests include acting, photography, filmmaking, traveling, fitness, and directing—just to name a few of her pursuits. “I don’t let anyone underestimate me,” Suhani told us, and no one should.

“I was diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome,” she explained, which occurred at a very young age. “Every year I’ve been through countless surgeries and challenges, but they don’t stop me from reaching my dreams. There was a time when I couldn’t eat or drink for six months, but I kept going because my goal is to become an actress and a worldwide performer.”

That’s what brought her to New York City, and specifically, choosing Pace. “I watched the Pace welcome video and cried with happiness because ever since I was born, I would tell everyone that I want to study in the greatest city in the world,” Suhani said. “Pace is a very diverse school with many opportunities, and I knew I would fit in right away.” She eventually decided to pursue art as her major because it tied in her love of film production and acting.

And she’s already planning ahead. “In my years at Pace, I want to continue to progress [...] and work in all the fields of entertainment,” Suhani told us. That includes her work producing music, too, which she says has helped her immensely through the challenges she faced. “Creating music saved me from all the negativity,” she explained. “Music is special to me because it defines who I am as a person. I wouldn’t be in this world today if I wasn’t creating music. It has saved my life multiple times.”

In the future, Suhani hopes to one day launch an organization helping to financially support children with disabilities in hospitals as well as their families. It’s a noble goal, but then, she isn’t the type to shy away from pursuing her dreams. “I’m a very dedicated person and have a lot of passion for what I do,” Suhani said. “I hope to inspire the world one day and help save lives with my music.”

Check out Suhani’s work on Instagram and Soundcloud! This is one star that’s definitely going places, and we’re excited to welcome her to the NYC Campus in the fall semester.