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Your Newest Faculty Members in Residence

News Story

Teaching doesn't stop once class is over! Just ask Dyson professors Jane Collins, PhD, and Kate Fink, PhD, Pleasantville's newest Faculty in Residence partners.

Student and faculty interaction is often thought of as an in-classroom endeavor. Yet, student-faculty interaction outside of formal classroom space can immensely contribute to a vibrant educational environment on campus. Through interactions in campus centers, residence halls, and other spaces on campus, students are often able to better connect the dots between material learned in class and the practicalities of the outside world. 

Given Pace's commitment to fostering a dynamic educational environment, the Residential Life and Housing Department is excited to announce the appointment of two Faculty in Residence (FIR) partners: Dyson Associate Professor Jane Collins, PhD, who will be joining Alumni Hall in 2019, and Dyson Assistant Professor Kate Fink, PhD, who will be joining Elm Hall in August 2020. 

We recently had the chance to ask Professors Fink and Collins a few questions, who have shared their thoughts with the Pace Community below.

Q: What inspired you to become a faculty member in residence?

Fink: I think you gain a different understanding of a place once you live there. Before I became a professor, I was a local news reporter—and I was keenly aware of how much better I did my job as I spent more time in the communities I covered. Being there helped me learn who people are, what inspires them, what frustrates them, and why. I’m hoping to have the same kind of experience as a faculty member in residence. By being here, I’m trying to gain a different understanding of the Pace Community, and use that understanding to contribute to the community.

Collins: Becoming a faculty member in residence was a natural progression for me. I have been working as a faculty mentor for the Body and Mind FIG for almost eight years, and found that I loved running workshops and events for (and with) students in the residence halls. Based on the great experiences I had as a faculty member for the FIG, I created a Living-Learning Community for sophomores that takes place in Elm Hall. It's called the Dyson Scholars in Residence program. 

Q: How will you seek to bridge in classroom and out of classroom learning?

Fink: I teach digital journalism. One thing I hope to do is inspire more conversations about media in and outside the classroom. Media is pervasive in all of our lives—it affects how we understand our world, and how other people understand us. We all have something to contribute to discussions about what we want from media and how we can work together to make it better.

Collins: I will continue to do programming in Alumni Hall to help students make a smooth, healthy, and happy transition to living on campus. And, I continue to run the Dyson Scholars in Residence program in Elm Hall. Students often feel a bit intimidated by college classes and their professors, but a FIR has the opportunity to act as a friend and mentor to students in the residence halls and allow students to seek help and support if they need it. Personal relationships with faculty help students to succeed at the University and to see themselves as part of a larger University community.

Q: What do you hope to learn from this experience? 

Fink: I hope to learn more about the people in our community and develop ways to better connect all of us. Pace is a dynamic place with lots of moving parts. In some ways, I think it’s going to be like my first year here—I’ll probably be overwhelmed at first with how much I don’t know about Pace. So I’ll have to make new connections (and rely on my current ones, too) to navigate life on campus and figure out how I can be most helpful to students and Residential Life.

Collins: I believe that my FIR experiences will deepen my commitment to students even further because they will now also be my neighbors! I hope to learn what are the best programs and events for students to thrive at Pace and to learn about the challenges our students face, so I can continue to fine tune the support for students in the residence halls.

Learn more about the Faculty in Residence program.