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Online English Placement Test Westchester

English Placement Test Instructions for Pleasantville and Pace Online

The English Placement Test, administered by the Department of English and Modern Language Studies, serves as the medium by which English faculty determine the most appropriate composition course for incoming students to take during their first semester at Pace. This test is designed as an off-campus essay assignment, which students complete at home, prior to arriving for their campus orientation. Before completing the test, please read through the policies and instructions below thoroughly. Consult with your advisor to determine if you need to take the English Placement Test.

Submission Guidelines:

The placement test should be taken promptly and no later than a week before your Orientation date.

Note that you will need your Pace Username and Password credentials to login to the English Placement Test. Activate your Pace University account if you do not have these credentials. Note that if you need to look up your Username on the White Pages you will need to select in the Person Type drop down menu Only Students.

Access the English Placement Test.

Forward questions to Dr. Robert Mundy:

If you elect not to take the English Placement Test, you will be placed into ENG 110 by default.