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Press Release: Pace University & Bard Announce New Joint Admission Agreement


Press Release: Pace University & Bard Announce New Joint Admission Agreement

Agreement offers seamless academic transition for students

NEW YORK and PLEASANTVILLE, NY (Dec. 18, 2020) – Bard Early College (BEC), a division of Bard College that offers tuition-free college credits to high school students at its network of schools throughout New York City, Newark, Baltimore, Cleveland, New Orleans and Washington D.C., has signed a new joint admission agreement with Pace University, allowing students who earn an associate’s degree through Bard Early College to matriculate into Pace with junior standing.

Leaders from Pace and BEC made the announcement on Friday, Dec. 18, 2020 during a virtual meeting of the two schools – and it also comes after similar agreements have been signed between Pace and community colleges in Westchester, Rockland and Suffolk counties.

As part of the agreement, BEC students who graduate with college credits and earn an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 will be guaranteed acceptance to Pace University. Students graduating from BEC will have their lower level general education/core requirements waived if they transfer to Pace.

For the transfer students, a maximum of 68 credits will be applied toward the completion of the relevant Pace Bachelor’s degree programs. Additionally, Pace is establishing the Pace University-Bard Early College Scholarship, which offers up to $25,000 to eligible transfer students who graduate with a GPA of 3.2 or higher on either Pace University campus in Westchester or New York City.

“Students in the Bard Early College program are some of the most ambitious students in the country, eager to start their college education before they’ve completed their high school diplomas,” said Pace President Marvin Krislov. “We’re very pleased to provide them an opportunity to continue their students and earn a four-year degree at Pace, and we know they’ll make invaluable contributions to our community.”​

During the virtual meeting of the schools, President Krislov praised BEC and its students, many of whom are historically first-generation college students. He said he was impressed with the fact that 75 percent of last year’s class completed high school with an associate’s degree and 60 or more college credits, and said this agreement with BEC fits squarely with Pace’s mission of Opportunitas, or creating opportunities, and its long tradition of providing access to a college education for ambitious, hard-working students.

Additionally, at Pace, President Krislov said prospective students have more than 150 majors and programs to choose from; opportunities to get involved in over 100 student clubs and organizations; a choice of two campuses – one in lower Manhattan and another in Pleasantville – and can enjoy what campus life has to offer.

“This agreement fits squarely with our mission,” Krislov said. “We’re proud to offer this pathway to a bachelor’s degree for these young associate graduates.”

Bard College President Leon Botstein spoke of the high caliber of students at BEC, and said Pace University’s partnership showed that the program is working. Agreements like this one should be more universally embraced as they show respect for students’ hard work, time, energy and resources, he noted.

“These are very motivated students with a tremendous sense of purpose and a good track record,” President Botstein said. “Pace’s cooperation vindicates what we are trying to do at Bard, and the recognition is very important to us … We are totally thrilled this has come to pass.”

Dr. Dumaine Williams, Vice President and Dean of the Early College said: "The Dual Admissions Agreement, with the prestigious Pace University - Bard Early College Scholarship, is a clear, tangible and powerful articulation of the institutions' shared commitment to expanding opportunities for students to access, afford and succeed in college.”

Bard students committing to Pace will have access to academic counselors to maximize course offerings and to ensure a smooth transfer process. Transfer students will also be able to tap into thousands of internship and career placement opportunities offered through Pace’s Department of Career Services. Historically, Pace has some of the strongest job placement outcomes among undergraduate and graduate students. It’s one of the many reasons that Pace is ranked number one in upward economic mobility among four-year private universities according to a study conducted by Harvard University’s Opportunity Insights.

BEC provides essential access to a serious college course of study to a diverse group of young people. These satellite campuses of Bard College are operated through partnerships with public school systems – tuition free -- and empower high school students, particularly those at risk of not completing postsecondary education, to access, afford, and complete college so that they are prepared to contribute to civic life and a range of professional pathways. BEC simultaneously works to influence and lead a growing early college movement focused on equity and excellence.

“This agreement with Bard Early College not only provides students with opportunities to pursue higher education and to reach their potential, but it also creates a clear pathway for a person to achieve their goals and transform their life now and for years to come,” said Pace Provost Vanya Quiñones. “This agreement aligns with both of our school’s missions and we are eager to be partnering with BEC to make it a reality.”

About Pace University: Pace University has a proud history of preparing its diverse student body for a lifetime of professional success as a result of its unique program that combines rigorous academics and real-world experiences. Pace is ranked the #1 private, four-year college in the nation for upward economic mobility by Harvard University’s Opportunity Insights, evidence of the transformative education the University provides. From its beginnings as an accounting school in 1906, Pace has grown to three campuses, enrolling 13,000 students in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in more than 150 majors and programs, across a range of disciplines: arts, sciences, business, health care, technology, law, education, and more. The university also has one of the most competitive performing arts programs in the country. Pace has a signature, newly renovated campus in New York City, located in the heart of vibrant Lower Manhattan, next to Wall Street and City Hall, and two campuses in Westchester County, New York: a 200-acre picturesque Pleasantville Campus and a Law School in White Plains. Follow us on Twitter or on our news website.