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Pace University's theater alumna Nabiyah Be superhero role in "Black Panther" featured in "Caribbean Life"


Pace University's theater alumna Nabiyah Be superhero role in "Black Panther" featured in "Caribbean Life"

Caribbean Life: "Caribbean Superheroes among ‘Black Panther’ party"

by Vinette K. Pryce

From "Caribbean Life:"

By now everyone knows the film “Black Panther” is not a documentary about a 1960s, California, Black revolutionary political party / group that scared America straight wearing all-black outfits, toting weapons and fearlessly proclaiming “power to the people.”

In fact, the 1966 Marvel Comics creation is a 134-minutes feature and all the rage for being the highest grossing comic book character, which stars an all-Black cast and received critical acclaim throughout the world and shines a global spotlight on a continent the president of the United States considers a s***hole.

Making its world premiere prior to President’s Day holiday, the groundbreaking film set in the African nation of Wakanda features immigrants, Caribbean nationals and some of the fiercest and wisest women to dominate any dynasty or administration.

Among the women listed in starring roles are: Angela Bassett, Mexico-born, Kenyan Lupita Nyung’o, Guyana-born Letitia Wright and Brazil-born Jamaican Nabiyah Be.

Jamaicans on the island joined legions of anxious moviegoers throughout the world last Friday to catch first day screenings of the anticipated sci-fi / fantasy which in addition to its alluring advance promotion also features Be, the daughter of reggae legend Jimmy Cliff.

Cliff’s foray with acting includes starring roles in “The Harder They Come” and “Bongo Man” with featured roles alongside Robin Williams in the comedy “Club Paradise.”

Be’s reversed path to the spotlight found her singing and acting on the Brazilian stage. Born on the South American continent, like her father she is also a singer.

On his many tours to Brazil she accompanied him singing background vocals and also toured with him extensively.

After arriving here, she attended Pace University to study theater and eventually landed Off-Broadway roles.

This major movie debut placed Be alongside some of Hollywood’s hallmark actors — Forest Whitaker, Michael B. Jordan, Sterling K. Brown, Nyung’o, Bassett and Chadwick Boseman.

Be’s character, Tilda Johnson is actually Nightshade.

Nightshade debuted in Steve Englehart and Alan Weiss’ Captain America #164 in 1973. In the comics, she is able to turn convicts into werewolves with a serum she created. Given her specialties in biology, chemistry and robotics among others, Nightshade was the third villain casted for the film following Killmonger and M’Baku (Winston Duke).

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