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Forbes featured Pace President Marvin Krislov's latest piece: "To The Class Of 2024: You’re Going To Change The World"


Forbes featured Pace President Marvin Krislov's latest piece: "To The Class Of 2024: You’re Going To Change The World"

Any day now, members of the Class of 2024 will start arriving on many of America’s college campuses.

It won’t be like move-in days of years past. At a time of social distance and reduced density, of Zoom lectures and FaceTime study groups, there won’t be phalanxes of resident assistants and volunteers shouting greetings and giving high-fives; in many cases, it may not even be possible for parents to drive up, unload the car, and give their student a big farewell hug. Health and safety will require staggered move-ins, limits on visitors, and carefully choreographed unpacking.

And, in some ways, that’s a good thing. It will set the tone for how this year will go, whether on campus or via remote learning. This year will be something different, something special, something embraced by a group of brave and dedicated students. This year will give the Class of 2024 a college experience unlike any other.

These students are embarking on their college careers at an unsettled time for the country. It is a challenging moment, to be sure. But it’s also extraordinary: This is a college class that is living through history. That experience will bind the Class of 2024 together, and it will set these students up for remarkable, meaningful, productive lives. They’re jumping forward into a transforming world, and they will be ready to lead it.

These last five months have been tumultuous. For the foreseeable future, the only constant will remain profound change. Over the next four years, there will be new opportunities in health, the sciences, and government. There will be new outlooks on racial equality, social justice, immigration, and the economy. There will be new technologies, new ways of working, new ways of living. And the remarkable Class of 2024 will be ready for all of it.

When I think about all the many and changing opportunities ahead of these students, and when I think about how committed and resilient they are, I’m every bit as excited as I am at the start of each academic year, if not more so.

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