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Financial Times: "State of the Union: what to look for from Donald Trump"


State of the Union: what to look for from Donald Trump (Financial Times)

Does the State of the Union really matter? Some sceptics question whether it even matters. After all, many of the proposals unveiled in the highly choreographed spectacle never see the light of day. But David Caputo, a politics professor at Pace University, said it is still important because it provides a sense of the president’s legislative agenda and a gauge of how Congress will respond. He added that there was also always the chance of dramatic surprises from Mr Trump on the night. “Will he say it is time to end the investigation, as Nixon called for an end to the Watergate inquiry? High risk, but possible,” said Mr Caputo. “Tuesday night is important and provides another opportunity for presidential leadership to be on display. Whether it will be or not remains to be seen.”

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