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"Study Breaks" featured Pace University student Sammi Li in "Sammi Li Brings Asian Representation to Pace University"


"Study Breaks" featured Pace University student Sammi Li in "Sammi Li Brings Asian Representation to Pace University"

Pace University’s Sammi Li is proudly bringing cultural education to campus as president of the Asian Student Union. The sophomore, who started the club her freshman year, grew up in a predominantly Asian community in her hometown of Flushing, New York, but decided to branch out during her college years by attending Pace.

While at Pace, Li noticed a lack of representation for Asian students on campus, so she formed a club that would bring Asian students from all walks of life together and promote diversity on campus.

The ASU hosts multiple events throughout the year dedicated to celebrating Asian cultures and educating students who may not know much about these cultures. Their Taste of Asia event, for example, brought awareness to different foods from Asian countries and their “Stay Woke” discussion introduced students to successful Asian figures, as well as issues that the Asian American community faces that are not as well known to the general public.

Li hopes that the Asian Student Union will continue to thrive after she graduates and continues to promote awareness. She also encourages students who have similar visions to form their own clubs and inspire others with their messages.

KP: What has your experience been like as an Asian-American student?

Sammi Li: I’m from Flushing, New York, which is in Queens, and that area is a predominantly Asian community. What made me choose to come to Pace in Pleasantville was that it was out of the city and was a completely different environment.

Coming to Pace was a huge change because everyone was of the same ethnicity back home and it was rare to see a white person there. Everyone here is really different and I wasn’t used to being in this type of environment.

Even though Pace is only about 40 minutes outside of the city, I still consider it a rural area because of all the small towns. Culture-wise, I did feel a little bit out of place because I wasn’t used to seeing all these different faces, but I found different people that I connect with and that’s what made it all work.

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