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"Straus News" featured Pace University in "Neighborhood Scrapbook: NEW PACE SPACES"


"Straus News" featured Pace University in "Neighborhood Scrapbook: NEW PACE SPACES"

Pace University opened newly transformed spaces in its signature downtown campus structure, One Pace Plaza, and the adjacent historic building, 41 Park Row, the original home of the New York Times, in a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday. “This is a great moment for Pace University, for our students, faculty, and staff , and for our neighbors,” said Marvin Krislov, Pace University’s president. “Our transformed spaces at One Pace Plaza and 41 Park Row replace concrete walls with glass ones and open Pace up to New York. We’re connecting with our community and helping our students look toward their futures.” The campus buildings, across the street from City Hall park and at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, have undergone extensive modernization and technology upgrades, creating more eff ective spaces for the university community. “We’re bold and big thinkers at Pace University,” said Mark M. Besca ’81, chairman of the Board of Trustees. “With these new facilities, we’re ready to help drive New York into the next century."

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