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Inside Higher Ed: "How to Humanize the Online Class Setting"

04/21/2017 News Release Image

Inside Higher Ed: "How to Humanize the Online Class Setting"

Kit Kittelstad is a freelance blogger and adjunct communications instructor at Pace University.

At least once a semester, some student sends me an e-mail that goes something like this: "Professor K., This was my first online class. I had no idea what to expect! But, you made it totally manageable and I even enjoyed myself!"

This is why I keep sending in those druthers, semester after semester. Sure, it's a fair argument when someone defends the impossibility of forming tight-knit bonds with students in an online class setting. The whole face-to-face factor holds some serious weight when the two are placed on a scale. 

However, I also know the perks of an online class. Busy students can maintain packed schedules full of internships, part-time jobs, in-class seminars and everything else that goes into the making of a "full package."  Maybe they also write for the student newspaper, joined a mock trial team or are involved in a drama club or dance troupe. 

In the hopes of encouraging professors new to teaching online, I'd like to share three simple tips that have allowed me to emerge from each semester feeling as though I created some tight-knit bonds.

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