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Sign-Up Fo the NYASC Listserv

How to sign on to the NYASC-L listserve

The NYASC-L discussion list is an OPEN list so anyone can subscribe.

To subscribe to the list

  • Create a new email message.
  • Address it to There should be no subject in the subject line.

The text of the e-mail should be: subscribe nyasc-l firstname lastname (Note the address is NYASC-L and not the number 1). Where firstname and lastname are your name. Please do not include a signature in the message.

You will receive an e-mail back asking you to confirm the subscription. Reply to that email with the message ok. You will then become subscribed to the list and receive a final confirmation.

To unsubscribe to the list

To unsubscribe, follow the same procedure except the text of the message is: unsubscribe nyasc-l.

To post a message

To post a message to the list, please send your message to one of the following and it will be submitted to the listserv:,,

Note: Any replies to the list will go to only the originator of the e-mail.