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From the Director

College is a time for students to grow, make friends, and develop skills to succeed not just in the workplace, but in life. We know that for students with learning differences college can be an even more challenging proposition. 

Pace University’s Ongoing Academic Social Instructional Support (OASIS) program provides one of the most comprehensive support services for students with high-functioning autism and other learning challenges who would like to fulfill their dream of furthering their education. Our program welcomes all qualified students with learning differences. Students are admitted to the University by the standards set for all applicants. We offer academic and social/emotional support while helping students realize their dream of obtaining a BA or BS at a well-known and accredited university. 

OASIS provides the support for a student’s pathway to independence. We expect and plan for bumps in the road, but our comprehensive model involves fluid communication with the students’ family, as well as faculty and staff. A team of coaches, coordinators, and social workers are assigned to each student and they work together to ensure success both in and out of the classroom. Parents are updated by academic coaches a minimum of three times during the semester.

For a full description of the support each student receives, please visit About OASIS

We hope you’ll consider Pace University and the OASIS program. Please contact us with any questions you may have. 

Janet Mulvey, PhD
Director, OASIS College Support Program