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Office of Research

Provost's Student-Faculty Academic Year 2020-2021 Undergraduate Research Awardees

Student: Camacho, Nicolette K.
School and Major: School of Education, Mathematics & Adolescent Education
Professor: Christine D. Clayton
Discipline: Education
Project Title: The Impact of Digital Learning in the Mathematics Classroom

Student: Clark, Brandon L.
School and Major: Dyson, Behavioral Neuroscience
Professor: Matthew R. Marcello
Discipline: Biology
Project Title: Database Creation for Genes Involved in Infertility in Humans, Mice, and C. elegans

Student: Dascano, Kendra N.
School and Major: Lubin/Dyson, Mgt: Entrepreneurship | Applied Psychology & Human Relations
Professor: Courtney L. Gosnell
Discipline: Psychology
Project Title: The Influence of Positive and Negative Event Support Provision on College Student Outcomes

Student: Devlin, Jesse M.
School and Major: Dyson, Biology
Professor: Marcy A. Kelly
Discipline: Biology
Project Title: A Cholesterol-Mediated Metabolic Shift Protects Mycobacterium bovis-BCG (BCG) from Glutathione (GSH) Induced Reductive Stress Killing by Increasing Electron Sink Availability

Student: Dincher, Briana
School and Major: Lubin, Public Accounting | Taxation
Professor: Jessica A. Magaldi
Discipline: Legal Studies and Taxation
Project Title: Where should the United States draw a boundary between Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to protect free speech online while preventing the spread of cyber crimes and misinformation?

Student: Egodigwe, Emmanuelle C.
School and Major: Dyson, Psychology
Professor: Lisa Rosenthal
Discipline: Psychology
Project Title: Understanding Experiences of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter with Youth Participatory Action Research

Student: Fisher, Allison M.
School and Major: Seidenberg School of CSIS, Computer Science
Professor: Kristen di Gennaro
Discipline: English
Project Title: You Talk Like a Girl: Stereotypes about Women's Language

Student: Gutierrez, Federico
School and Major: Seidenberg School of CSIS, Computer Science
Professor: Juan Shan
Discipline: Computer Science
Project Title: How different loss functions of a deep learning model affect the segmentation accuracy on medical images

Student: Hunter, Amber L.
School and Major: Lubin, Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Professor: Erin K. Mysogland
Discipline: CCAR/Peace and Justice Studies
Project Title: Intersectionality and Youth Voter Turnout: Using NSLVE Data to Inform Best Practices

Student: Kelly, Kourtney
School and Major: Dyson, Biology
Professor: Marcy A. Kelly
Discipline: Biology
Project Title: Evaluating the ATP concentrations and NAD:NADH, H+ ratios Of M. bovis-BCG upon addition of GSH under a state of NRP

Student: Kennison, Catherine H.
School and Major: Dyson, English
Professor: Meaghan H. Brewer
Discipline: English
Project Title: Is that Even a Real Major?: The Place of Creative Writing in the Academy

Student: Mazariegos, Rachel
School and Major: Lienhard School of Nursing, Nursing
Professor: Angela Northrup
Discipline: Nursing
Project Title: Exploring Consumption of Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSBs) Amoung Young Children

Student: Metviner, Sierra J.
School and Major: Dyson, Psychology | Mental Health Counseling
Professor: Courtney L. Gosnell
Discipline: Psychology
Project Title: Beliefs and Coping with COVID-19

Student: Oberlender, Emily
School and Major: Dyson, Political Science
Professor: Meghana V. Nayak
Discipline: Women's and Gender Studies
Project Title: Language as a Political Tool: Using Linguistic Theory to Examine American Political Attitudes on Immigration

Student: Ordonez Flores, Angel E.
School and Major: Dyson, Forensic Science
Professor: Eric P. Chang
Discipline: Chemistry
Project Title: Paving a New Way for Treating an Old Disease – Characterizing the Mobile Loop Region of Lactate Dehydrogenase from P. falciparum

Student: Rivera, Naya J.
School and Major: School of Education, Biology & Adolescent Education
Professor: Joan T. Walker
Discipline: Education
Project Title: What does expertise look and sound like? Examining how master teachers approach simulated parent-teacher conferences

Student: Rodriguez, Nicole
School and Major: Dyson, Digital Cinema & Filmmaking
Professor: Melanie La Rosa
Discipline: Media, Communications, and Visual Arts
Project Title: Steps to Writing a Historical Drama

Student: Saniei, Shayan
School and Major: Dyson, Biology
Professor: Rita K. Upmacis
Discipline: Chemistry
Project Title: Sex-Specific Ramifications of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Student: Smith, Samantha L.
School and Major: Dyson, History | Art History
Professor: Sarah B. Cunningham
Discipline: Art
Project Title: Substance: Meaningful Materials Exhibition

Student: Vaughan, Raven M.
School and Major: College of Health Professions, Health Science: Generalist
Professor: Erica L. Gollub
Discipline: Health Science Program
Project Title: Introducing a novel HIV prevention product for women: a focus on public health approaches and cultural competency

Student: Wolkenstein, Emma L.
School and Major: Dyson, Sociology/Anthropology | Communications Studies
Professor: Claire Panetta
Discipline: Sociology/Anthropology
Project Title: Nationalism in the Age of Brexit: The Identity and Attitudes of Younger Voters

Student: Yang, Shen
School and Major: Dyson, Sociology/Anthropology
Professor: Judith Pajo
Discipline: Sociology/Anthropology
Project Title: COVID-19 as ‘Lived Experience’ in New York City: The Cultural Transformation of Campus Life during the Pandemic