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Student Support Services (SSS) Program

Student Support Services (SSS) Program

Welcome to the Student Support Services (SSS) Program at Pace University

The Student Support Services Program is designed to empower eligible students to achieve academic excellence.

Students accepted into the SSS Program receive proactive support to develop the skills and utilize the tools necessary for success at Pace University and beyond.


Student Support Services is a U.S. Dept. of Education federal TRIO Program serving 160 students who are low-income, and/or first-generation (from families where their parents or guardians do not have a bachelor’s degree or higher), and/or have a disability. SSS seeks to increase persistence and graduation rates for eligible students by providing participants with a broad array of services including academic, financial, career and personal support.


A student is eligible to participate in Pace University’s SSS program if the student meets all of the following requirements:

  •     A citizen or national of the United State of America or meets the residency requirements for Federal student financial assistance.
  •     Is enrolled at Pace University or accepted for enrollment in the next academic term
  •     Has a need for academic support, as determined by SSS, in order to pursue successfully a postsecondary educational program.

Additionally, student participants must:

  •     Be first-generation college students (neither parent/guardian holds a Bachelor’s Degree or higher); and/or
  •     From a low-income household; or
  •     An individual with disabilities.


Designed to enhance each participant’s overall college experience, SSS provides resources to help each students realize their full potential while at Pace University. Through programmatic activities and a robust support system, students within the SSS community are supported to achieve academic and professional success. Students admitted to SSS utilize the program's many services throughout their college career. Highlighted below are some of the services SSS provides to eligible participants:

Academic Services

  •     Academic advising
  •     Tutoring
  •     Academic Success Workshops
  •     Advanced Registration

Enrichment and Resources

  •     Special Topics Workshops and Panels
  •     Introduction to Undergraduate Research
  •     Computer Resource Station
  •     Access to Peer Mentors and Graduate Coaches

Career Development and Graduate School Preparation

  •     Career Exploration and Leadership Workshops
  •     Resume/Cover Letter Writing
  •     Graduate School Preparation

Financial Literacy

  •     Assistance with FAFSA
  •     Assistance identifying outside sources of Financial Aid
  •     Budget Management Skills 

Social and Cultural Events

  •     Cultural Enrichment-Field trips to shows, museums and other great places in NYC
  •     Weekly, Monthly and Annual SSS events

                                                                                                 Apply Here! (PDF)

Return all hard-copy application forms and necessary documentation to Dr. Kenneth Roon, Jr. at the Center for Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE) - 41 Park Row, 4th Floor, Room 421.

For more information contact: