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Academic Advising

Welcome to Academic Advising at Pace University. This website is brought to you through the Partnership for Advising Excellence (PAX) and the efforts of many professional staff and faculty interested in making academic advising an informative and gratifying experience for everyone at Pace.

This site is divided into two sections: one for Advisors and one for students. Please explore this site and all that it has to offer; we encourage any feedback for enhancements.

Successful advising is truly a partnership (hence the PAX name), and we are proud of our advising at Pace!

If you have questions or comments about advising at Pace, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Sue Maxam. Ed.D.
Assistant Vice President for Student Success


Pace University's academic advising is a dynamic, collaborative process empowering students to develop academic, career, personal and life goals. Students learn to identify and take advantage of the university's diverse resources, services and program opportunities. Through self-reflection, critical thinking, academic exploration, and participation in the Pace Path, students create an individualized plan that enables them to succeed at Pace and beyond.

Advising Outcomes

Students will...

  • Develop academic, career, personal, and life goals and accompanying action plans
  • Take responsibility and a proactive role in their academic decision-making process
  • Reflect on personal values as they relate to aspirations
  • Understand the importance of liberal learning as a strong foundation for the professional world
  • Create and regularly evaluate their individualized educational plan and progress on their Pace Path based on assessment of abilities, aspirations, interests and values
  • Navigate and take advantage of university resources, services and program opportunities based on individual and professional needs
  • Understand and assume responsibility for fulfilling academic requirements to complete their degree program
  • Understand relevant university policies and procedures
  • Articulate the meaning of higher education and the intent of Pace University’s core curriculum