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Office For Student Success

Vison and Mission


Pace University strives to be a leader and innovator in academic advising among private institutions by providing consistent, comprehensive training, support and development programs.


Pace University's academic advising is a dynamic, collaborative process empowering students to develop academic, career, personal and life goals. Students learn to identify and take advantage of the university's diverse resources, services and program opportunities. Through self-reflection, critical thinking and academic exploration, students create an individualized educational plan to succeed in a global society.


Students will...

  • Develop academic, career, personal, and life goals
  • Understand and fulfill academic requirements to complete degree program
  • Reflect on personal values as they relate to aspirations
  • Create and regularly evaluate individualized educational plan and progress
  • Navigate and take advantage of university resources, services and program opportunities based on individual and professional needs
  • Know university policies and procedures
  • Explore and experience the connectedness between formal learning, citizenship and service
  • Become self-reflecting, critical thinkers necessary for successful professionals and leaders
  • Take responsibility and a proactive role in decision making process
  • Realize the importance of liberal learning as a strong foundation for the professions
  • Recognize advising is a teaching and learning process
  • Provide accurate and timely information to assist in making informed educational decisions