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Office For Student Success

Navigational Guide for First-Year and New Transfer Students

Dear First-Year or New Transfer Student,

Welcome to Pace University! During your first year you may need assistance with certain aspects of your experiences as a new college student. You also might find that Pace, which may be larger than your previous school, can be a bit confusing, with so many offices, departments, and programs. Listed below are some common student concerns along with contact information for the offices that can specifically help with them. Just remember there is ALWAYS someone to help!

If you need assistance with: Contact:
Exploring, declaring and/or changing majors Advisement Center for Exploring Majors
Understanding the academic requirements/core curriculum Your Academic Advisor/UNV 101 Professor
Understanding course material or assignments Learning Center/Writing Center/Library
Personal concerns Counseling Center
Student life, clubs and organizations or campus activities NYC/PLV
Deferred/Conflict exams Office of Student Assistance
Issues for international students International Students & Scholars Office
Internships and careers Career Services
Financial matters or payment Financial Aid/Office of Student Assistance
Housing Residential Life
Course schedule and registration Office of Student Assistance/Office of the First-Year Experience/Your Academic Advisor/UNV 101 professor
College/AP Transfer Credit Undergraduate Admissions Office/Office of Student Assistance
On-Campus Jobs Career Services/Human Resources
Volunteering opportunities Center for Community Action & Research
Technology Information Technology Services
Any other concerns The Office for Student Success
The Challenge to Achievement at Pace (CAP) Program The CAP Program
Accommodated Testing The Office of Disability Services (ODS)

Visit Student Advising Central for all your advising questions!

Important Phone Numbers

Office New York City Westchester
Campus Security (212) 346-1800 (914) 773-3400
Advising Center for Exploring Majors (212) 346-1798 (914) 773-3847
Career Services (212) 346-1950 (914) 773-3415
Center for Academic Excellence (212) 346-1386 (914) 773-3434
Center for Community Action & Research (212) 346-1807 (914) 773-3539
Counseling Center/Office of Disability Services (212) 346-1526 (914) 773-3710
Dean for Students (212) 346-1306 (914) 773-3351
Financial Aid (877) 672-1830 - Option 1 (877) 672-1830 - Option 1
First-Year Experience (212) 346-1219 (914) 773-3756
Housing and Residential Life (212) 346-1295 (914) 923-2791
Human Resources (914) 923-2730 (914) 923-2730
Information Technology Services (914) 773-3333 (914) 773-3333
International Students & Scholars Office (212) 346-1368 (914) 773-3425
Library (212) 346-1332 (914) 773-3380
Office of Multicultural Affairs (212) 346-1546 (914) 773-3775
Office of Student Assistance (877) 672-1830 (877) 672-1830
Office for Student Success (212) 346-1915 (212) 346-1915
Student Development & Campus Activities (212) 346-1590 (914) 773-3767
Learning Center (212) 346-1329 (914) 773-3195
University Health Care (212) 346-1600 (914) 773-3760
Veterans Affairs (212) 346-1915  
Writing Center (212) 346-1085 (914) 773-3942

Who is who at Pace?


  • President: The chief executive officer of the institution, overseeing all operations of the University, from academic affairs and international initiatives, to enrollment and student life, and is responsible for setting future goals and directions for the University.
  • Provost: As the chief academic officer of the University, the Provost shapes and implements Pace's educational philosophy and policies. The Provost leads programs and faculty and staff development; academic administration, planning and budgeting; collaborative outreach; teaching excellence, assessment and innovation; university-wide research and scholarship.


  • Dean for Students: Responsible for many areas of student life including residential life, multicultural affairs, student development, campus activities, wellness programs, and counseling services. The Office also oversees implementation of University rules and regulations.
  • Academic Deans: The highest-level administrator within each of the five schools/colleges; the Deans oversee all the major academic operations, including curriculum, workloads, and faculty budgets.


  • First-Year Advisor: The UNV 101 professor is the Advisor for the student's entire freshman year.
  • Academic Advisor: The school or program-based Advisor is the student's Advisor from sophomore through senior year.
  • Faculty Advisor/Mentor: The Advisor/Mentor within the student's field of study/major.


  • Faculty: Broad term referring to your professors; there are full-time faculty, who typically teach exclusively at Pace and most often hold PhD’s; there are also part-time and adjunct faculty; faculty members are associated with a specific department within a school/college.
  • Peer Leader: An upper-level student who assists a professor within a classroom which is typical in UNV 101 and Civic Engagement courses.
  • Department Chairperson: Oversees the department of a specific field of study/major.

Residential Life:

  • Resident Assistant (RA): A live-in student staff member of the Office of Residential Life. The RA assists with the Residential Life program and operations in a residence hall and has specific responsibility for working with students in an assigned section. As such, the RA is the primary facilitator of community development within his/her section.
  • Resident Director (RD): Oversees the entire Resident Assistant staff for a particular residence hall. He/she is the go-to person for the staff, and when necessary, the residents. He/she also handles disciplinary action should the need arise.
  • Faculty in Residence (FIR): Program that brings a faculty member to live in the residence halls on the New York City campus. He/she a resource for all students and works with the Housing staff and the RAs to develop programming opportunities for residents.

Decoding Pace: Commonly Used Acronyms

  • ACEM - Advising Center for Exploring Majors
  • CAE - Center for Academic Excellence
  • CAP - Challenge to Achievement at Pace
  • CCAR - Center for Community Action and Research
  • COM - Change Of Major
  • FA - Financial Aid
  • FERPA - Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
  • FYE - First-Year Experience
  • GSA - Gay-Straight Alliance
  • LC - Learning Center
  • MIIIS - Mandatory International Immigration Information Session
  • ODS - Office of Disability Services
  • OL - Orientation Leader
  • OMA - Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • OSS - Office of Student Success
  • OSA - Office of Student Assistance
  • PAX - Partnership for Advising Excellence
  • RA - Resident Advisor
  • RD - Resident Director
  • SDCA/SDACA - Student Development and Campus Activities
  • SGA - Student Government Association
  • TCE - Transfer Credit Evaluation

Pace University Fast Facts

  • According to Forbes Magazine, Pace University is ranked among the nation's top colleges
  • There are more than 80 student groups representing a diverse number of ethnic, cultural, and professional interests; 11 honor societies; and 6 fraternities and sororities on the NYC campus
  • There are more than 40 student groups representing a diverse number of ethnic, cultural, and professional interests; 22 honor societies; and 20 fraternities and sororities on the Pleasantville campus
  • Pace students contribute more than 34,000 hours of community service in NYC each year
  • Pace students contribute nearly 10,000 hours of community service in Westchester County and the surrounding area each year
  • The Pace Setters compete in NCAA Division II NE-10 Conference. More than 300 students participate on 12 athletic teams and 2 spirit squads
  • Pace University is one of the top 5 schools in the nation for internship placement. Pace is also home to the largest internship program in the New York Metropolitan Area
  • More than 3,000 employers work with Career Services to recruit interns, part-time students, and recent graduates
  • Pace's placement rate at graduation for undergraduates is typically 10% higher than the national average
  • Pace has close to 3,000 alumni in top level positions (such as CEOs, Presidents and CFOs) in companies around the globe
  • Pace is one of only 15% of educational institutions across America that has been designated as a military friendly school
  • According to the Hollywood Reporter, Pace's Actors' Studio is one of the nation's top 25 drama schools.