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Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Program

For over 100 years, research has been a cornerstone of the Pace University educational experience and the growth of the institution over time. Pace houses a world-renowned and accomplished faculty who bring their wealth of knowledge and expertise to our students. The Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Program is intended to showcase not only the great research by our faculty, but also by our diverse undergraduate student body. The projects selected this year are from a wide range of academic fields and will be showcased at the end of the 2015-2016 academic year. Indeed we look forward to the results of this year’s research as they help us better understand the world around us.

  • Stephen J. Friedman - President
  • Uday P. Sukhatme, Sc.D. - Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Sue Maxam - Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Education

About the Program

Now in its fifth year, the Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Program allows faculty and undergraduate students with similar interests to work together on a research project throughout the academic year. A small stipend is granted to each pair, and an end-of-year showcase on each campus recognizes all research initiatives through formal presentations and poster sessions. Two overall winning pairs are awarded funding towards national conference expenses.

This year's 2015-2016  program includes 27 student-faculty pairs with many diverse topics. Research projects range from English language studies (Catcalling: Complimenting or Bullying?) to psychology (Faculty Insights on Teaching Service Learning Classes) to information technology (User-centered Mobile Application Development for the Physically and Cognitively Impaired). There are also studies on biology (Regulation of hair-cell regeneration in the zebrafish lateral line), economics (Balancing Environmental Policy and Economic Growth and Development), and even a study on nursing students (A Mind Body Intervention for Stress Reduction in Freshman Nursing Students).

Applications for the Summer 2016 and Academic Year 2016-17 program will be available in March/April 2016. Please check back for more informaton. 

2015 Showcases

The Fourth Annual Undergraduate Research Showcases were a tremendous success!

Congratulations to the award winners who recieved a $2,000 award to present their research at a conference of their choice!

New York City Showcase, May 6th 2015

Winning Pair

  • Student: Mr. Eric Nguyen, Chemistry Major
  • Faculty Mentor: Elmer-Rico E. Mojica, Assistant Professor Grad BioChem/Molecular Biology
  • Title of Research: Vibrational spectroscopic analysis of antibiotics


Pleasantville Showcase, May 7th 2015

Winning Pair

  • Student: Ms. Colleen Spang, Nursing Major
  • Faculty Mentor: Angela Northrup, Assistant Professor in Nursing
  • Title of Research: Evaluating the Effect of a Poverty Simulation Experience in Nursing Students

Click here to see all the photos from these amazing events!

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For more information, contact Jennifer Crespo, Program Coordinator in the Division for Student Success (212) 346-1962 or