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Accelerated Study TAP – Summer Terms

Statutory changes in Education Law for academic year 2006-07 and thereafter imposed new requirements for accelerated study awards. To be eligible for an accelerated TAP payment--either a full-time or half-time award--students must be enrolled full time in the prior term and now must also earn 24 semester hour credits or the equivalent in the prior two semesters at the University. The 24 semester hours must be credits earned at Pace and be applicable to the student’s program of study. Transfer credits cannot be used to meet this requirement. If a student changes programs within an institution, the 24 credits must be applicable to the program in which the student was enrolled when the credits were earned. Therefore, a student changing their major may use the 24 credits from the previous degree program to meet the requirement. The student must meet the prior study requirement each time an accelerated award is sought.

The summer term is not part of the regular academic year and always considered the accelerated term at Pace University. The summer term is the last term in the Pace academic year but the first term in the HESC year. In order to apply for an accelerated study TAP grant you must submit a TAP application for the next HESC year and enter the appropriate college code. For example, if applying for an accelerated study TAP grant for a Summer Session at Pace; you must submit a TAP application for the upcoming academic year and enter the appropriate college code for the summer.

Note: A further statutory change, effective April 1, 2007, permits the equivalent of three credits in noncredit remedial hours per semester to be included in meeting the 24-prior-credit requirement. While the 24 credits can be earned in a variety of ways in the prior two semesters (e.g., 12 and 12, 15 and 9, etc.), the student must be enrolled full-time in the term immediately preceding the accelerated term. For the student taking remedial courses, three credit equivalents in each semester is the only permissible configuration.

Requirements for accelerated study apply to all full-time study scholarships that do not allow for part-time study. The following scholarships are not affected by the accelerated study requirements:

  • Veterans Tuition Awards
  • NYS Volunteer Recruitment Service Scholarship
  • Senator Patricia K. McGee Nursing Faculty Scholarship

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