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Credit Card Convenience Fees FAQ

Pace University no longer accepts debit/credit cards directly in-person, by mail, fax, or over the phone for payment of tuition, mousingh meal plan and fees. However, debit/credit cards can be used to pay online through TouchNet/PayPath via your MyPace Portal account. TouchNet is an independent third party contractor who accepts payments to the Bursar account and charges a non-refundable convenience fee based on the amount charged. Credit card payments will incur a fee of 2.85% (as of May 1, 2018) which is assessed by TouchNet and not Pace Univeristy. The convenience fee is paid in full to and retained by TouchNet and the University does not receive any of this fee. The charge for the convenience fee will appear separately from the payment on your card statement. There will be no charge for online payments using your checking or savings account. To make a debit/credit card payment, login to MyPace Portal using your Pace credentials, click on the Student Tab, and click on Registration, Grades and Tuition Schedule. Then, click on Pay Your Tuition and Fees Online and follow the steps to make payment. 

Can I make payment on a student account by credit card/debit card?
Yes. However, credit/debit card payments are only accepted online via TouchNet/PayPath through MyPace Portal. Pace University no longer accepts credit/debit payments by mail, in-person, over the phone, or via fax for student account payments.

Is there a fee for paying by a credit or debit card?
Credit/debit card users will be assessed a separate, non-refundable convenience fee calculated as 2.85% (as of May 1, 2018) of the payment amount at the time of each credit/debit card payment toward a student account. The non-refundable convenience fee will be assessed by TouchNet/PayPath and will appear as a separate charge on your credit/debit card statement.

Why is the University no longer accepting debit/credit card payments directly?
The cost associated with processing credit/debit cards has continued to grow each year, and the University wants to continue to offer the option to pay by credit/debit cards.  Contracting with TouchNet/Paypath allows Pace to continue to offer credit/debit cards with enhanced transaction security and improved processing. The University will continue to offer free payment options including online e-check payments through MyPace Portal or at your campus Solution Centers.

How can I pay my student account and avoid the convenience fee?
E-check payments from checking and savings accounts will continue to be accepted online by Pace University through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) Network without a convenience fee via MyPace Portal and in person at your campus Solution Centers. Cash and check payments can be made in person at a campus Student Solution Center (Please do not send cash through the mail).

Check payments may be mailed to: Pace University
Payment Processing Center
861 Bedford Road
Pleasantville, NY 10570

Why are credit/debit card payments only accepted online?
Credit/debit card charges are processed by TouchNet/PayPath, not Pace University. As a result, Pace no longer has the ability to accept credit/debit card payments in-person, by mail or via fax. Pace University will continue to process check and cash transactions or ACH (electronic checks) in person, or via mail or fax.

What type of cards are accepted?
You can make student account payments online with all major credit/debit cards.

Will Pace University accept credit/debit card payments directly for charges other than tuition and fees?
Pace University will continue to accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit/debit card payments without a convenience fee for non-student account payments, including enrollment deposits, additions to meal plans, donations, athletic or other event tickets, Adult and Continuing Education, all food service areas, bookstores, alumni events, etc.

Why can’t I see the convenience fee charge on my student account?
The convenience fee is assessed by TouchNet/PayPath, not Pace University, so it will not appear on your student account. The convenience fee will appear as a separate charge on your credit/debit card statement.

Is the convenience fee refundable?
The TouchNet/PathPath 2.85% convenience fee is non-refundable. Any convenience fee disputes must be taken directly to your credit/debit card issuer.

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