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Office of Student Assistance

TAP Certification Process

The OSA/Registrar Services branch is responsible for certifying TAP awards in accordance with all New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) eligibility guidelines. This involves a manual check of academic records, citizenship, residency, college code, and semester coursework. TAP certification begins after the end of the drop/add period (third week of the term) and continues throughout the academic year. Payment rosters are submitted to HESC no sooner than the fifth week of each semester. Subsequent payment rosters are processed weekly. You may check your TAP status at any time by visiting the HESC Manage My Loan or Grant site.

NYS Scholarships are certified on Consolidated Scholarship Rosters. These are paper rosters that require a review of academic records, tuition and fees, room and board, books and transportation, other financial aid being received, Pell Grant eligibility, and the entire cost of attendance at the University for the academic year specified. These rosters are certified immediately after the close of the drop/add period and take no less than four weeks for HESC to process once they are received from Pace’s TAP Certifying Officer.

Please keep in mind the following sequence of events:

  • Student completes TAP and/or scholarship application(s).
  • HESC processes application and sends email directly to the student notifying him/her of award eligibility and amount.
  • The University receives a Student Status Listing shortly after the student is notified of award eligibility.
  • The Student Status Listing is loaded onto the Banner system and your actual award eligibility will be reflected in your financial
  • aid package.

Please Note: If you had an estimated TAP award on your semester bill and it is greater than your actual award, the difference needs to be paid to the University. The actual award amount established by HESC is final.

  • A payment roster is sent to the University by HESC. At that point, a review will be conducted to ensure all students appearing
  • On the payment roster meet the HESC eligibility guidelines.
  • Approximately a week after the payment roster is submitted to HESC, a remittance advice will be sent to the University.
  • No State funds will be released into a student’s account at the University until the student appears on a remittance advice.
  • The remittance advice is loaded onto the Banner system and all certified awards are disbursed into the students’ accounts.
  • Students may contact the OSA/Student Accounts branch with refund requests at that time, if necessary.