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The Pace Path Early Start Program: Basic Information for First-Year Students

What is the Pace Path Early Start Program?

Student success is a priority at Pace University. The Pace Path Early Start Program provides added support for selected first-year students by giving them the tools they need to successfully begin their college experience. The free program consists of three components: a mathematics jump-start, financial counseling, and college immersion for incoming students. Eligibility for each component is based on student needs; eligible students will be notified by the University.

Please note: The Program is highly recommended for students who qualify.

Students may take up to three of the following components if they qualify. Please note that space is limited for each.

1. Math Jump Start:

Fundamental Mathematics (MAT 100) and Algebra (MAT 103) are available to students who have selected, or are considering, certain majors based on their math placement exam scores. Students who meet all of the academic requirements of the summer courses will have the opportunity to place into a higher math and/or science class during the academic year. In New York City classes are taken online or in-person, and in Pleasantville classes are taken online only.

  • Who is eligible? Student eligibility is based on math placement exam score and selected major.
  • Benefit: Gives students a jump start toward fulfilling science and/or math course requirements while potentially shortening the time to graduation. Can also help students reduce math anxiety while gaining confidence in their math abilities.
  • When does it take place? TBA
    Note: The New York City in-person class meets in One Pace Plaza at the following times and rooms:
    • MAT100: Monday/Wednesday 10:10 a.m.-2:45 p.m., W405
    • MAT103A: Tuesday/Thursday 9:05 a.m.-3:05 p.m., W405
    • MAT103: Monday/Wednesday 10:10 a.m.-2:45 p.m., W401
  • Additional questions? Visit our frequently asked questions page or email us at

Please note: To be eligible for the Math Jump-start program, the math placement exam must be taken before June 1, 2017.

2. Financial Counseling:

Students and their parents/guardians will meet with Financial Literacy Counselors starting in the summer and several times throughout the first year.

  • Who is eligible?  After student needs are evaluated, those selected will benefit from financial counseling to help them decide how to best finance their education.
  • Benefit: Gives students a greater understanding of their financial aid package and helps them create a plan to finance their education.
  • When does it take place? Ongoing throughout freshman year, beginning the summer prior to enrollment.

3. College Immersion:

This program, is designed to help students adjust to college life and thrive at Pace and in New York City and Pleasantville.

  • Who is eligible: After student needs are evaluated, those selected will be given an opportunity to learn more about programs and resources at Pace and the surrounding community.
  • Benefit: Makes the transition to student life easier.
  • When does it take place? TBA

How/When will I be notified if I qualify?
Students who qualify will be notified by mail beginning in mid-June for Math Jump-start, early-July for College Immersion, and late-July for Financial Counseling.

For more information, contact Caitlin Grand at or (212) 346-1803.


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