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Pace Path


What is the Pace Path?
Pace University’s mission is to educate students for a range of professions with a strong foundation of liberal arts learning. The objective of the Pace Path is to provide students with a clear and effective plan to become successful in college, career, and life.

What learning goals do the Pace Path provide?
The Pace Path helps students develop strengths in managing oneself, interpersonal relations, and organizational awareness through curricular and co-curricular activities within an academic program.

Why should a student embark on the Pace Path?
The Pace Path provides students with more than a typical college education. It gives students the opportunities to develop competencies in 21st century skills that are transferable to an ever-changing career landscape.

How is this accomplished?
Each student develops a Pace Path four-year plan in their first-year that is adapted over the four years at Pace University. Each student has a unique Pace Path within an academic major.