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Pace Path

Learning Goals

The foundation of the Pace Path is Learning Goals, which combine curricular and co-curricular activities to develop habits that will allow students to be successful in college, career, and life. Students engage in courses and activities that are aligned with their Learning Goals throughout their time at Pace University. Rigorous coursework and experiential learning opportunities combine to shape effective and successful leaders within a culture of personal, academic, and professional growth through assessment and improvement. Students gain an understanding of themselves, their connections with others, and their belongingness within the community.

Learning Goals are:

Managing Oneself
The ability to navigate complex environments and relationships while maintaining a focus on educational goals and personal development (self-awareness, creative problem solving, initiative, and accountability).

Interpersonal Relations
The ability to relate successfully to others within and outside one’s group (communication, relationship management, and cross-cultural appreciation).

Organizational Awareness
The ability to understand organizational culture and adapt and understand how to achieve personal and group goals (situational awareness, teamwork and collaboration, and resource management).