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Your Pace Path is as unique as your major.  Explore Pace Path options below:

College Of Health Professions (CHP)

By providing students with opportunities to make impactful change through fieldwork as well as cultivating relationships with faculty, the Pace Path in CHP is tailored to the unique needs of all studying health professionals. With this foundation of experiential learning that begins in your first year—coupled with CHP’s unique focus on personal and professional development—students are ready to enter the workforce and begin helping others.

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Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

The hallmark of a liberal arts education is the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. With that in mind, the Dyson Pace Path offers students a practical education grounded in theory that synthesizes classroom work with the real world. Internships, volunteer opportunities, and independent student/faculty research transform passive learning into purposeful action that prepares students for life after graduation.

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Lubin School of Business

The Lubin Pace Path is a dynamic program specifically designed to provide students with one-of-a-kind professional training in business education. This uniquely integrated educational experience incorporates professional work in fields related to students’ academic and career goals, ensuring a successful transition from the classroom to the cubicle to the corner office.

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School of Education (SOE)

The SOE Pace Path is committed to paving the way to success through fieldwork, advisement, and close relationships with faculty and staff. By developing a strong sense of identity and a respect for others, students receive a unique educational experience that values lasting personal and professional development long after graduation day.

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Seidenberg School Of Computer Science And Information Systems

Students on the Seidenberg Pace Path engage in a four-year journey of academic development and professional training that shape them into experienced leaders in their chosen field. Computer science and information technology are problem-solving disciplines that combine the essence of STEM with analytical and creative skills that are an excellent foundation for careers in any field or for graduate school.

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