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Parents & Families

Supporting your Student

In addition to supporting your student’s decision to attend college or university, parents and family members are also advised to become involved in their education by encouraging academic, personal, and professional growth. We recommend the following ways to help your student make the most of their time at Pace:

1. Research schools and financial aid; schedule a campus visit. At Pace, we offer information sessions, campus tours, open houses, high school and college fair recruitment visits, and financial aid workshops throughout the year. To learn more about the Pace advantage, we recommend parents and prospective students sign up for one of these sessions on our Explore Pace website. A campus visit let you see our campus in person and meet with admission counselors and staff, financial aid staff, and student tour guides, who will give you a holistic view of the Pace experience, as well as help with the application and financial aid processes. The following are websites our Admission Counselors have found helpful in planning college visits and financial aid:

2. Help your student adhere to admission and financial aid deadlines. Our application includes a list of deadlines for admission, as well as financial aid. Encouraging your student to meet these deadlines will ensure that their application is given maximum consideration for financial aid and housing options. View Pace University’s recommended admission and financial aid deadlines.

3. Make the home-to-college transition as smooth as possible. College life is very different from high school. Students are expected to complete assignments on their own schedule and must be accountable for their attendance and work. Researching college study tips with your student, as well as survival skills for their first year or school can be immensely helpful in helping ease them into college life. The following books may be helpful:

4. Stay in touch with your student. It is important for parents to keep contact once their students are enrolled in college. You can help prevent homesickness by speaking to your student at scheduled times. While staying in touch is important, it is also important to give your student the time and space to get settled and connected on their own. Pace provides assistance to students who are having a difficult time adjusting to college. Our Counseling Center is open and free of charge to all students, and our Learning Centers provide academic assistance on a walk-in basis to any student wishing to enhance their academic experience. You can also research the Counseling Center’s self-help resources section for information about the counseling program at Pace, and other helpful websites.

5. Attend Family Weekend. Pace hosts Family Weekend each fall, for families and students to explore all that Pace has to offer and learn more about the types of academic and social activities in which your student is involved. We recommend families take advantage of this opportunity to see their students in-person and check on their academic progress, explore student life options with them, and meet their friends and roommates. Learn more about Family Weekend.