Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition and fees are available from the Office of Graduate Admissions. Other costs to be considered by the applicant are books, rent and utilities, food, transportation, and personal medical insurance costs. All students will be required to purchase medical diagnostic equipment and supplies, and lab jackets for the clinical year. Students need to also consider costs for Infection Control Certification, HIPAA Certification, Medical Terminology Certification, BLS/ACLS Certification, patient tracking software, immunization tracking software, PACKRAT and PANCE examinations. Any student who must repeat a clerkship for any reason will be responsible for any fees and applicable credit hours.
Approximate Cost of Attending Pace University – Lenox Hill Hospital 
Physician Assistant Program
Our tuition promise is that the entering costs remain the same for the duration of your enrollment


Prior to Matriculation

Infection Control Certification $40.00
Medical Terminology Certification $80.00
HIPAA Training Certification $25.00
Immunization Tracking Subscription Fee $30.00
Health Care Clearance Fees $90.00 (approximate)
Background Check $65.00

Didactic Year

Tuition, per credit  $1,113.00
University Fees (institution, matriculation, technology, UHC) $1,616.00
Textbooks $2,500.00
Student Tracking System $75.00
AAPA/NYSSPA Membership Fees $150.00
Diagnostic Instruments & Supplies $1,000.00
Lab coat $40.00
EHR Subscription $105.00
Gross Anatomy Cadaver Lab Fees $1,000.00
Immunization Tracking Subscription Fee $30.00
BLS/ACLS Certification $250.00
Laptop Computer* (varies with model)
Laptop Privacy Screen $50

Clinical Year

Tuition, per credit $1,113.00
International Rotation (Optional) $4,000-$5,000
University Fees (institution, matriculation, technology, UHC) $1176.00
Textbooks $330.00
Clinical Clerkship Fee $1,000.00
PACKRAT $80.00
Immunization Tracking Subscription Fee $30.00
Health Care Clearance Fees $90.00 (approximate)
Background Check** $65.00
Drug Testing per event** $45.00
NCCPA/PANCE Exam $450.00
Transportation to clerkships (varies with location)

Total Costs

Tuition Total*** $84,588
Fees Total*** $10,377


$94, 965
See more information about Financial Aid and Loan options here.

*Please see Pace University’s Information Technology webpage on supported applications . Find out more about purchasing a laptop through Pace University.

***Our “tuition stay” program guarantees that students are not subject to a tuition increase while successfully enrolled in the program, the rules may be different for those who take a leave of absence or decelerate.

The Pace University – Lenox Hill Hospital Program provides the students with malpractice liability insurance. This information is available in the Physician Assistant Program office.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available through Pace University. Federal loan repayment programs that target specific populations with inadequate medical care are also available to PA students. Information about these programs can be obtained through the University, the American Academy of Physician Assistants, the public library, or the National Health Service Corps web page at:
Refunds of Tuitions and Fees
For various reasons, it is often necessary for students to discontinue studies. For information on refunds of tuitions and fees, refer to the tuition cancellation policy
Please note that all deposits, including the new student deposit, are nonrefundable.