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PreCollege Summer Immersion Program

Business Administration

Week 1: Introduction to Business

This course module will give a broad overview of a business and its various functions: finance, accounting, management, and marketing. We will identify and describe the parts of a business, explore interrelationships between business functions, highlight the use of data analysis in guiding business decisions, and examine various aspects of a business such as relevance of market share, the role of production, and types of expenses and their impact on revenue. A business simulation will provide students with an opportunity to experience the impact of business decisions and competition on profits and sales.

Week 2: Choose from Two Options

Introduction to Arts and Entertainment Management

This Summer Scholar’s course will examine the management concepts, theories and processes used in the arts and entertainment industry (not-for-profits and for profit organizations). This course will introduce students to business principles and concepts - in particular, the effectiveness and efficiency of the businesses, planning and decision making, organizing and organizational design, leading and group dynamics, and operational control. It will increase student awareness and understanding of the industry’s business practices and current trends taking place within the industry as well as the career path/opportunities that arts and entertainment industry has to offer.

Data Visualization

Traditional methods and tools for data analysis are daunting for most business undergraduates. At the same time companies are placing a huge premium on business students with strong analytical skills. Fortunately, modern data visualization tools have made it possible to easily navigate through the data analysis pipeline from wrangling to analyzing. One of the key skills for a business student is to communicate insights from quantitative analysis in a clear but compelling manner. By making use of popular data visualization tools like Tableau, this course will overcome student inertia towards analyzing data and enable them to tell effective stories with data.

This course is designed to develop skills in getting, exploring, manipulating, analyzing, and presenting business data using data visualizations. Specifically, this course will teach the student how to:

  • visually explore, manipulate and analyze data
  • communicate analysis results using effective visualizations
  • develop skills in converting data and information into insights and decisions
  • tell compelling stories with data
  • use data visualization software (e.g., Tableau).