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PreCollege Summer Immersion Program

Digital Film Production

Cinematic Storytelling: An Introduction to Filmmaking on Location (online)

Through a study of the technology, art, and history of filmmaking, you will learn about the underlying principles, aesthetics, and techniques of film production. This course will introduce students with little or no previous knowledge of video and film to basic technical and aesthetic concepts related to cinematic storytelling and motion picture production on location.

Through readings, lectures, screenings, analysis, and group discussions, you'll gain a knowledge of the three stages of filmmaking: pre-production, production, and post-production, as they have evolved over the last century and how they exist today in the motion picture industry.

You'll then apply what you've learned by producing your own media. You will write, produce, edit, and screen a short narrative video or photo project. Emphasis will be placed on constructing character and telling stories through composition, cinematography, sound, and editing. You will present your project to the class for discussion and then present your project in a public screening.

Topics include: screenwriting, storyboarding, image design, sound design, basics of cinematography, casting, filming on location, editing, and the exhibition/screening of work.

To see current students' work from Pace University's Film and Screen Studies Department, check out the Spring 2020 Virtual Student Film Festival!