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President Krislov in the News

September 22, 2020
Patch: “Pace University’s unveiling of its new Student Veterans Center in Pace University Unveils New Student Veterans Center"

President Marvin Krislov joins State Sen. Peter Harckham, student veterans Sukh Singh and Steven Garcia, and Dean for Students Rachel Carpenter for a ceremonial ribbon cutting outside the Kessel Student Center. "Pace University has a proud tradition of supporting student veterans and their families, and this new Student Veterans Center, our first space dedicated exclusively to their needs, will help us deliver on that mission," said President Krislov. "We are grateful to Senator Harckham for his support. He shares our firm belief that we must go above and beyond to serve those who have served our country."
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September 22, 2020
Westchester County Business Journal: “Pace University’s unveiling of its new Student Veterans Center in "Pace University opens Student Veterans Center"

President Marvin Krislov joined New York State Senator Peter Harckham, student veterans and campus leaders on Monday for a grand opening of Pace University’s Student Veterans Center on its Pleasantville campus. The new center, which was made possible with the help of a $200,000 grant secured by Senator Harckham, will serve as a one-stop resource center for student veterans at Pace, which has hundreds of student veterans and dependents across its campuses, including 60 in Westchester. The new SVC is centrally located on campus inside the Kessel Student Center.
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September 14, 2020
City and State: “President Marvin Krislov named to City & State’s Higher Education Power 50 in New York State.”

President Krislov was featured in a City and State article highlighting the chancellors, presidents, deans and other academic officers who are navigating New York’s top institutions through this unprecedented period of crisis. Marvin Krislov came to Pace University in 2018 after serving for a decade as president of Oberlin College. Over the past few years, he has been working on a $190 million plan to upgrade and expand Pace’s Manhattan campus, while ensuring that the 13,000-student university retains its place as a top four-year school for social mobility. Krislov previously served as acting solicitor of national operations in the U.S. Department of Labor.
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September 14, 2020
Forbes: “President Marvin Krislov writes in Forbes that Pace – and higher education – is all in on New York City.”
In President Krislov’s latest Forbes column, he speaks about attending Pace University in the wake of a pandemic. “The New York City region is and always has been an amazing place to go to school. As we always say at Pace University, when you come to Pace, New York City is literally your campus. City Hall is across the street from us, the Brooklyn Bridge is next door, and something like a dozen subway lines, which can take you anywhere in any borough, are within a few blocks. There are research opportunities and professional connections, and world-class avenues for channeling your passions, be they creative or entrepreneurial or political or scientific or all of the above. There are passionate, motivated people everywhere.” (The column was also picked up by Washington Latest.)
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September 8, 2020
The Ed UP Experience Podcast: " Higher Education De-densifying and Intrusive Advising - w/Marvin Krislov, President, Pace University"
President Krislov spoke with the Ed Up Experience podcast about Pace’s return to campus, staying connecting with students, and the university’s success in preparing students for life and the workforce.
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August 21, 2020
Forbes: "To The Class Of 2024: You’re Going To Change The World"
President Krislov speaks to the class of 2024 with hope for their next 4 years of college and beyond. “These students are embarking on their college careers at an unsettled time for the country. It is a challenging moment, to be sure. But it’s also extraordinary: This is a college class that is living through history. That experience will bind the Class of 2024 together, and it will set these students up for remarkable, meaningful, productive lives. They’re jumping forward into a transforming world, and they will be ready to lead it.”
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July 16, 2020
Fast Company: "Ivanka, coronavirus, and the messy truth about the ‘skills gap’ ”
President Marvin Krislov is highlighted in Fast Company regarding important ideas for addressing the skills gap.. “In the end, we are still tinkering around the edges with all of this. We need to think much bigger—on the scale of ‘a GI Bill for upskilling workers,’ as Pace University President Marvin Krislov has suggested.”
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July 14, 2020
Newsday: "College in the fall?"
President Krislov gives his optimistic point of view on returning to campus in the fall. “I'm an optimist because I know our region has been here before: This century, it has been buffeted by the devastation of 9/11, the inundation after Hurricane Sandy, and the collapse caused by the Great Recession. Each time, we worried that some of our students wouldn’t return — especially our most vulnerable students, those from low-income families or the first in their families to attend college. We were afraid that they thought they couldn’t afford school, that they worried about their safety, or simply that they thought other things were more important in a time of great disruption.”
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June 27, 2020
The Journal News: "Pace University and Manhattanville College announce plans for fall semester"
President Krislov discussed Pace’s plan for the fall. "We are determined to provide our students with the high-quality educational experience they expect while protecting health and safety for everyone in our community, including students, faculty, and staff.”
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June 19, 2020
New York Daily News: “The DACA ruling is huge for higher education”
Pace President Marvin Krislov and Joseph M. McShane, President of Fordham University, co-wrote a joint op-ed in the New York Daily News on the Supreme Court ruling protecting the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). “DACA students improve our classrooms, and this decision sends a strong signal reaffirming what we’ve always known: That all students, including the Dreamers, deserve a place in our communities and on our campuses” they said.
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June 18, 2020
Forbes: “How We Can Support Students And Support The Recovery”
President Krislov’s Forbes column announced the launch of the New York Recovery Internships which funds Pace undergraduates to work for nonprofit organizations that are supporting communities in need and around New York City and Westchester. “These students will have a chance to do hands-on work in their communities, putting into practice many of the skills they’ve learned in their classrooms, and the organizations gain highly motivated, well-trained, mentored student interns to help them advance their missions and rebuild their communities,” said Krislov.
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June 3, 2020
USA Today“Yes college in the United States is still worth it- and very much so” 
President Krislov wrote for USA Today about the merits of higher education in a climate where many are encouraging students to take time off. “College is key to the American dream. A college education opens the doors to new areas of knowledge, to mentors and guides, and to new friends and connections,” he said. “Those advantages of college are invaluable, especially for those who don’t come from backgrounds that automatically provide those mentors and connections,” he added.
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June 1, 2020
News 12 Westchester: “Tri-state teaching institutions release statements on death of George Floyd, protests”
President Krislov’s statement on the George Floyd protests, along with college presidents in the tri-state area were featured on News 12 Westchester. President Marvin Krislov says, “In this challenging time, we stand, as always, with all of our students, faculty, and staff, especially those of color. We are steadfast in our belief in the power of peaceful protest. And we support anyone and everyone in our community working to change the world for the better.”
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May 21, 2020
Forbes: “The Resilient Class Of 2020 Will Learn And Grow From The Coronavirus Crisis”
In President Krislov’s latest Forbes column, he speaks about the unique challenges facing the class of 2020: “This year’s graduates must use the good we’ve seen to help tackle the bad. They must remember the stranger who was patient or kind, the way we’ve all worked together, and use that to further the greater good,” he said.
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May 13, 2020
NBC Nightly News: “More colleges and universities considering online classes this fall”
NBC Nightly News reporter Gabe Gutierrez interviewed President Marvin Krislov on higher education’s plans for the fall semester. Krislov said “What we’re looking at is changing the way we live, we work, we play and we study.”
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May 4, 2020
Westchester & Fairfield County Business Journal: “The College Experience Has Turned Into Something Entirely Different”
President Krislov shared his insights into how college has changed amid the coronavirus. “Our IT department is reporting that nearly 2,000 videoconferences are happening across the University each day, for lectures and counseling and tutoring and meetings. We’re seeing connections from more than 75 countries around the world, as students, faculty, and staff continue their work from wherever they are—and continue to meet and collaborate with global partners. We’re running virtual social events to keep students connected to one another, and we’re providing support for our faculty and staff, both the kind that helps them do their jobs and the kind that helps them stay calm, happy, focused, and grounded.”
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May 1, 2020
The Chronicle of Higher Education: “What we wouldn’t take for granted”

President Krislov shared what he missed most about working off campus with the Chronicle of Higher Education. He said it was the elevator.  “It may have been slow, he wrote, but it enabled him to bump into students, and “they can’t avoid talking to me.”
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April 22, 2020
Forbes: “How Colleges and The Government Can Upskill Workers and Drive the Recovery”
In President Krislov’s latest Forbes column, he argues that the government must step in to help upskill workers in this new economic climate. “We can pave the way for the economic resurgence this country will need after the current crisis. The new economy won’t be the same as the old one, and it will require more training and expertise from a great many workers. A substantial federal investment in upskilling workers will not only help America recover from this crisis, it will also help position us to thrive in the new economy,” Krislov says.
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April 22, 2020
Financial Times: “Donald Trump Demands Harvard Returns US Federal Aid Funds”
President Krislov was interviewed in the Financial Times about US federal aid funds and the Harvard controversy. “Marvin Krislov, president of Pace University in New York, which has an endowment of just $181m, said that as long as Harvard or any other cash-rich college was using the funds to help stranded students, it was acting appropriately. He added, however, that he hoped future government aid would focus on helping financially less wealthy universities as well.”
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April 21, 2020
The Business of Giving: “Pace University President on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic”
President Krislov joined host Denver Frederick on his radio show The Business of Giving. In this episode, President Krislov shares his belief that the most significant changes post coronavirus will be in graduate education. Krislov also says healthcare and technology will be two areas of growing interest.  
Listen to the news clip.

April 14, 2020
Patch: “Pace University’s Career Services Extends Help to Parents”
President Krislov was featured in a Patch article about Pace University’s Career Services assisting parents with job placement in the wake of the coronavirus. "Pace has a long tradition of creating opportunities for our students," said President Marvin Krislov. "In this uncertain time, we're very pleased to do the same for Pace families by extending Career Services placement expertise to parents of our students. We know that student success is directly tied to family stability, but, more important, it's the right thing to do at a time when people need us most."
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March 19, 2020
CBS: Coronavirus Update: College Seniors Starting To Accept Reality Of The Situation’’
President Marvin Krislov and Pace University college seniors were featured in a CBS news report about the impact of the coronavirus and future commencement plans. “These seniors have worked so hard. We’re so proud of them. We’re thinking about all sorts of options right now,” Krislov said. “It is a postponement, and we are going to have a commencement. They deserve it. They deserve everything we can do to show our appreciation at their accomplishments.”
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March 18, 2020
The Examiner News: “Pace Calls Off Graduation, Remote Learning to Continue for Rest of Semester”
President Krislov’s statements in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic were featured in The Examiner News. “Pace University President Marvin announced Wednesday that there will be no commencement ceremonies for graduating seniors this May and remote learning will extend through the remainder of the semester.”
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March 2, 2020
NBC News:“James Lipton, host of 'Inside the Actors Studio,' dies at 93”
President Marvin Krislov’s statement on the passing of James Lipton was featured on NBC News. “James Lipton was a great writer and actor, a great interviewer, and, most important, a great teacher," Krislov said in a statement. "He was a revered leader of the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University, and we are all deeply saddened by this loss."A similar article featuring President Krislov appeared in Deadline.
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March 2, 2020
Westchester Magazine: “Here’s What the Westchester Economy Should Look Like in 2020”
President Krislov spoke to Westchester Magazine about changing patterns in enrollment in this new decade. “At Pace University, which has locations both in Westchester and New York City, “our enrollment is growing in the graduate arena,” explains Marvin Krislov, the school’s president. But that same growth doesn’t apply at the college level: “Undergraduate growth will be a little more steady,” Krislov says.
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February 18, 2020
Forbes: “What We Can All Learn From Nurses”
In President Krislov’s latest Forbes column, he examines recent Gallup Poll results that rate nurses as the most trusted professionals in America. Krislov concludes that all students can take cues from nurses in honing their skills in empathy and reliability to help build successful careers.
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January 9, 2020
Forbes: “Mentorship: Good For the Mentored and Good For Those Mentoring Too”
In President Krislov’s latest Forbes column, he touts the benefits of mentorship for the mentee and the mentor. “Our alumni mentors almost universally report that the work they’re doing with current students is personally rewarding and leaves them impressed with the next generation. But many also tell us that they’re gaining valuable knowledge.”
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December 18, 2019
Westfair Online: Horace E. Anderson Jr. named dean of law school at Pace University”
President Krislov was featured in an article about Horace Anderson Jr. being named dean of The Elisabeth Haub School of Law. “His vision for Haub Law has brought great successes during his time as interim dean, including our new U.S. News ranking as the No. 1 environmental law program in the country. I know the faculty, staff, and students join me in congratulating him on this well-deserved new role,” said Krislov.
Similar articles appeared in Times Union, Chron, SF Gate, and Patch.
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December 13, 2019
Forbes: “What I learned in India: The Value of Internationalized Higher Ed”
In President Krislov’s latest Forbes column, he reflects on his time abroad in India and the importance of internationalization. Said Krislov: We’ve long been the dominant importer for international students, but that role is already being challenged by competition from English-speaking countries like Canada and Australia. India is moving to launch web portals to help guide international students who wish to study there. As more of the world recognizes the value of international education, and, like India, seeks to attract students to their campuses, the United States risks losing its advantage.”
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November 25, 2019
Forbes: “Tackling the College Confidence Gap with Generation Z”
In President Krislov’s Forbes column, he posits that educators and administrators need to do more to prepare students for the workforce. We also know we must do more to meet students where they are,” said Krislov. “We need to make college accessible to older learners, people with busy schedules, people who may not be able to come to campus, people who are unable to complete a full degree in one go, people who might need a different credential than a full bachelor’s degree, like a certificate or badge,” he added.
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November 12, 2019
Stock Daily Dish: “New Pace President Committed to the Pace Path”
President Krislov was featured in an article about Pace University. “We want to think not just about the first job, but about the jobs that will come after,” Krislov, who became Pace‘s eighth president on Aug. 1, told The Journal News/lohud Editorial Board on Nov. 20. He said Pace wants to give students a strong liberal-arts foundation, focused on writing and critical thinking, while supporting high-tech career paths like cyber-security.”

October 18, 2019
Business Council of Westchester: “Pace University Contributes Nearly $360 Million to Westchester Economy”
President Krislov was highlighted in an article about Pace’s contributions to the Westchester community. “Pace University creates the opportunities that drive our students to successful careers and lives,” said Krislov. “We’re also proud to help our Westchester community succeed, by bringing jobs, people, and spending to the area and driving hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact each year.”A similar article featuring President Krislov appeared in Westfair Online.
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October 16, 2019
Yonkers Times: “Pace & WCC Announce New Transfer Agreement”
President Krislov was featured in the Yonkers Times about Pace’s transfer agreement with Westchester Community College. “I’m thrilled to deepen Pace University’s partnership with Westchester Community College through this innovative agreement,” added Pace President Marvin Krislov. “Westchester Community College is our county neighbor and our partner in the mission to open doors and provide opportunities for our students. This partnership helps our future graduates strengthen their skills to compete in an ever-changing global economy.”
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October 15, 2019
Education Dive: “3 Ways One Campus is Reaching Underrepresented Students”
President Krislov wrote a piece for Education Dive. Said Krislov: “At Pace, we’re determined to give a great education to everyone who wants it, no matter who they are- or where they are. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it, for our students, for Pace and for society.”
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October 8, 2019
Westfair Online: “Westchester Community College, Pace Sign Transfer Agreement"

President Krislov’s remarks were highlighted in Westfair Online about Pace University’s continuing expansion in Westchester. “I’m thrilled to deepen Pace University’s partnership with Westchester Community College through this innovative agreement,” Pace President Marvin Krislov said. “Westchester Community College is our county neighbor and our partner in the mission to open doors and provide opportunities for our students. This partnership helps our future graduates strengthen their skills to complete in an ever-changing global economy,” he added.
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October 4, 2019
Spectrum NY1 News Inside City Hall: “Federal Judge Upholds Affirmative Action Policies in Landmark Harvard Case”

President Marvin Krislov offered his insights on the latest verdict in the varsity blues scandal with Spectrum NY1 News political anchor Errol Louis. Judge Allison D. Burroughs ruled that Harvard University was not discriminating against Asian American applicants by considering race in its admissions standards.
Watch the news clip.

October 3, 2019
NY Daily News: “Where Affirmative Action Goes After the Harvard Ruling”
President Krislov’s latest op-ed in the New York Daily News predicts what comes next in the wake of Judge Allison D. Burroughs ruling in the Harvard University case.“The affirmative action opponents who brought the suit have announced their intent to appeal Judge Burroughs’ decision, but there’s reason to doubt it will make its way to the Supreme Court,” said Krislov. “The high court typically hears cases in which it must resolve a conflict between different circuit courts. Because the precedent is clear, there is no circuit conflict. She found, like the Supreme Court has in recent decisions, that student body diversity is a compelling interest and that Harvard’s program was narrowly tailored to accomplish that goal.”
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October 1, 2019
The Examiner News: “Pace to Open Student Veterans Center with the Help of State Funds”

President Krislov’s efforts with student veterans was highlighted in The Examiner News.
“Veterans are very much a part of our community,” Krislov said. We very much value their service and we think they deserve to have the kinds of support and resources that they have provided to this country."
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October 1, 2019
Patch: “Pace To Build Student Veterans Center In Pleasantville"

President Marvin Krislov was featured in a story about Pace University’s efforts to break ground on a Veteran’s Center in Pleasantville. "Pace has a proud tradition of supporting veterans and their family members," said Marvin Krislov, President, Pace University. "Thanks to Senator Harckham, we will have our first space in Westchester dedicated exclusively to meeting their needs. From our Career Services team, who are trained on how to translate military service into resumes for the job market, to our introduction to university life dedicated to veterans, at Pace we know that when you have served our country, we have to go above and beyond to serve you."

September 30, 2019
Fios 1 News: “Walk Raising Money and Awareness for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues”

President Krislov spoke to Fios1 News about the recent $100 million dollars invested on Pace University’s Pleasantville campus and the purpose of Pace University’s inaugural ‘Communiversity Day.’ He told Fios1 News: "This is designed to help the community know what we offer here at Pace," said Pace University President, Marvin Krislov.

September 25, 2019
Forbes: “The Importance of Presence Offline and Online in Higher Education”

President Krislov shared his take on building relationships as higher education shifts to the digital realm in his latest Forbes column. Said Krislov: “Distance learning is mostly asynchronous, meaning that students and faculty can participate on their own time. But adding elements that happen at the same time—whether that’s an optional online group gathering or something as simple as virtual office hours—can create a strong sense of presence. So can optional low-residency experiences, where distance learners come to campus for short-term, face-to-face interactions.”
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September 20, 2019
The Chronicle Journal: “New Report Finds Pace University Contributes More Than $1 Billion Annually to New York Metro Area”

President Marvin Krislov was featured in a new economic impact report. “As an institution of higher learning that has helped generations of students achieve upward economic mobility, we strive to educate our students so that they will succeed in their careers and their lives,” said Pace President Marvin Krislov. “But our importance in New York extends beyond our students, our classrooms, and our campuses—we are also a vital community resource and potent economic engine in the region,” he added.
Read the article.

August 28, 2019
Broadway World: “Pace University Launches Writing for Diversity and Equity in Theater and Media Arts Fellows Program”

President Krislov highlighted Pace University’s thriving performing arts scene and their latest grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. He told Broadway World: “Pace University offers some of the best performing arts training in New York City, and we have a long tradition of creating opportunities for students from a wide range of backgrounds," said Marvin Krislov, Pace's president. He added: "This grant allows us to continue our important work of opening doors and enabling careers for our hardworking, ambitious students.”
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August 27, 2019
Forbes: “How We Build Resilience At College And At Home”

In President Krislov’s latest Forbes column, he explores the mental health crisis facing American college students. “Resilience, in its literal definition, means being able to withstand or quickly bounce back from challenging situations. In psychological terms, resilience means knowing how to react to adversity, trauma or stress. It means knowing how to acknowledge these roadblocks, address them and adapt to them. Building resilience means building an ability to bounce back from the things life throws at all of us. And it’s key for effective functioning as an adult—or as a college student.”
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August 18, 2019
Wall Street Journal: “College Programs Pay Off Handsomely”

President Krislov’s letter to the editor was featured in the Wall Street Journal. Said Krislov: “At Pace University, we focus on a strong practical education grounded in the liberal arts. Our students have real-world opportunities to practice the things they’re learning about in classrooms, and our robust career services office ensures they find great first jobs that start them on great careers. We’re proof that the right college does pay off.”
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August 16, 2019
WorkPlace TV: “Marvin Krislov, Pace University's President, Discusses His Career Path”

President Krislov shared his best advice on choosing a constructive career path and the values instilled in him at a very young age on Workplace TV. “I grew up in Kentucky which was southern and I saw the challenges of lingering vestiges of segregation and my parents really taught me the lesson of trying to make sure there was equality and opportunity for everybody of all backgrounds. So, from a very early age, I had a deep commitment, particularly to helping people who had not had all those opportunities,” Krislov said.
Watch the news clip.

August 1, 2019
Forbes: “Why Pre-College Service Is Good For Everyone”
In President Krislov’s latest Forbes column, he reflects on his summer travels to the Middle East and what struck him as he visited Israel. “I recently traveled to Israel as part of the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange, which brings leaders from government, religion, higher education, and other sectors to experience the Jewish state. I’d visited before, but, as a college president, I was struck by something I hadn’t noticed on previous trips: The value of that country’s requirement that graduating high schoolers spend several years serving in the Israeli military or in national service, working, for example, in schools or hospitals or with at-risk teens.”
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June 27, 2019
Forbes: “Here’s Why Business Education Remains Crucial in a STEM World”
In President Krislov’s latest Forbes column, he and Pace University Dean of the Lubin School of Business, Neil Braun, offered their insights on how business education remains crucial in a changing science, tech, engineering and mathematics world (STEM). “We hear it everywhere: More and more, students and their parents are demanding the science, tech, engineering and math classes that they see—correctly—as key to successful, financially secure futures,” Krislov says. “That’s the beauty of a business education. Students across fields and majors learn critical thinking and problem solving. But in a business education, a student learns those skills in a context of commerce and industry, learns them in a way that will be instantly useful in the workplace. Simply put, business education teaches students not just the fundamentals of business but also the ways of thinking and interacting that are critical in the business world,” he adds.
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June 7, 2019
Forbes: What I learned by Graduating From College Without a Job”
In President Marvin Krislov’s Forbes column, he emphasizes the importance of making personal connections and being open to new opportunities when looking for a job. He says: “Explore multiple opportunities. Organizations have budget constraints. They have internal pressures. They face changing landscapes. Just because one job seems perfect and they seem to like you, don’t assume it’s a done deal. Pursue other things, too, because you never know what will work out. And, spoiler alert, sometimes that dream job wouldn’t have been such a dream, anyway.”
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June 6, 2019
Lo Hud: First-gen College Seekers, Lacking Money and Power, Get Some Help to Reach Campus”
President Krislov offered his insights on first-generation college seekersand the recent college admissions scandal in Lo Hud. “The admissions process does tend to be, it tilts in favor of people who have affluence and connections and understand the college process, but I thought this was very extreme,” said Pace University President Marvin Krislov.
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May 30, 2019
Crain’s New York: Opportunity Zones Should Deliver More Than Profit and Tax Breaks”
President Marvin Krislov and Al Puchala, CEO of CapZone Impact Investments, offered their insights on the newly introduced New York legislation on designated ‘opportunity zones’ in Crain’s New York. “Across the country, thousands of communities in or near an opportunity zone could be embarking upon one of the most profound experimental economic programs in generations. Structured correctly, opportunity zone investments can direct billions dollars in private investment toward the kind of new development, skills training and infrastructure upgrades these communities so badly need.”
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May 23, 2019
Patch: New York Secretary of State Addresses Pace Graduation”
President Krislov’s commencement address to the Class of 2019 was highlighted in Patch. “Let what you have learned here guide your lives," Krislov told the graduates, urging them to hold on to their ability to work together productively with people from all sorts of backgrounds. "Remember the experience you have had here at Pace, the diverse people with whom you have learned and collaborated and take that commitment to community with you as you go out into the world."
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May 18, 2019
CNN: “Here’s What You Need to Know about the College Board’s New SAT score”
President Krislov’s analysis on the College Board’s SAT score was highlighted on CNN. "It won't let admissions officers know if the student has overcome a major disability or illness," he said in a statement. "Or if the student has experienced a significant loss. But it can be a useful new factor in a holistic admissions review."
Read the article.

May 17, 2019
PBS Newshour: To Account For Hardship, College Board Adds Adversity Score to SAT Tests”
President Krislov’s insights on the adversity score and several helpful data points. “The index “can only tell a certain part of the story,” Krislov said. “It won’t let admissions officers know if the student has overcome a major disability or illness. Or if the student has experienced a significant loss.”
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May 17, 2019
Daily Voice Plus: “Keeping Pace: Job Readiness is Pace University’s Mission”
President Krislov’s latest Forbescolumn on job readiness was featured on Daily Voice Plus.

May 16, 2019
Fios 1: “New Environmental Science Center”
President Krislov was featured on a story about the importance of scientific pursuits at the opening of a brand new environmental science center in Teatown Preserve on Fios 1.

April 2, 2019
“Westchester County Business Journal: “Wealthy Parents’ Abuse of College Admissions Process Should Produce an Honest Reckoning”
President Krislov offered his insights on the college admissions scandal in a column that ran in the Westchester County Business Journal in print and online. “The schemes and scams outlined in the indictments are well beyond the norm of most parents seeking advantages for their kids. But I hope these revelations will prompt an honest reckoning with the circus that the college admission process has become, how excluded many are by this process and the myopia of some parents’ obsession with getting their children into one of only a few highly selective schools.”
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March 18, 2019
Westchester County Business Journal: “Westchester County Airport runway project estimated to cost $21.7M”
President Krislov offered his insights on the importance of renovating the Westchester County airport, he told the Westchester County Business Journal: “Our top priority is the safety of our students and community.” Krislov also said, “As we understand it, the runway was last repaved in 1998 and it is now beyond the standard airport runway lifespan of 20 years.”
Read the article.

March 15, 2019
WAMC Radio: Pace University President Reacts to National Admissions Scandal
President Krislov reacted to the college admissions scandal with WAMC Radio’s Brian Shields.
Listen to the story.

March 14, 2019
NY1: “Mornings on One”
President Krislov offered his analysis on the college admissions scandal with NY1’s Pat Kiernan.
Watch the news clip.

February 20, 2019
Forbes: "What I Learned Teaching Incoming Undergrads In the Fall (Hint: They Need Help With Time Management)"

Read the article.

January 14, 2019
Westchester County Business Journal: “Tucker joins Pace board”
President Krislov expressed his excitement on the appointment of Robert S. Tucker to Pace University’s Board of Trustees. Said Krislov: “We’re proud that he is an alumnus of the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University, and we’re even prouder that he’s joining our board of trustees.”
Read the article (PDF).

January 16, 2019
The Hechinger Report: “America’s Colleges Struggle to Envision the Future of Diversity on Campus”
President Krislov offered his analysis on diversity in college admissions. “It’s hard to argue that race and ethnicity is not important, but it is not the only form of diversity,” said Marvin Krislov, president of Pace University. Colleges, he said, require “people of different viewpoints: religious diversity, urban, rural, economic, public school, private school.” A similar article featuring President Krislov appeared in The Christian Science Monitor.
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December 12, 2018
Inside Chappaqua: “Feeding Westchester Celebrates 30th Anniversary and Launches Mobile Food Pantry in Partnership with Pace University This Fall"
Pace President Marvin Krislov attended the first mobile food pantry event on September 27 and spoke with student volunteers who participated by passing out produce to students and local residents.
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December 3, 2018
Forbes: “What Will the Harvard Case Mean for Affirmative Action? An Explainer

President Krislov shared his take on the federal lawsuit taking on Harvard University’s admissions policies and if diversity is constitutionally permissible.
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November 26, 2018
Westchester County Business Journal: “Investment in infrastructure, facilities pays off for Pace”

President Krislov contributed a column to the Westchester County Business Journal and Pace University’s efforts in transforming the university.
Read the article (PDF).

November 16, 2018
Forbes: “Here’s How to Improve College Access and Drive Student Success”

In President Krislov’s latest Forbes column, he shares his ideas for how to improve college access to ensure all students succeed.
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November 8, 2018
Westchester County Business Journal: “Pace Honored By Latino U College Access”

Pace University received the Founder’s Award from Latino U Access (LUCA). President Krislov told the Westchester County Business Journal he believes the power of education can transform lives.
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November 2, 2018
Fios 1 News: “Marvin Krislov Midterm Predictions”

President Krislov talked to FiOS 1 News about student engagement in the midterm election.

October 30, 2018
The Atlantic: “What Happens When a College’s Affirmative Action Policy is Found Illegal”

President Krislov shared his analysis on a possible outcome on the Harvard trial case with journalist Adam Harris.
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October 15, 2018
Education Dive: “Leader Sees Cross-Generational Value in Nationwide Education Corps”

President Krislov’s Forbes column on retirement and building a nationwide educations corps was profiled in Education Dive.
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October 15, 2018
Westchester County Business Journal: “Pace's Marvin Krislov on Building Community Engagement on Campus”

President Krislov spoke to the Westchester County Business Journal about his first year leading Pace University, Pace’s record in upward economic mobility, and his vision for the Pleasantville campus.
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October 12, 2018
Westchester Rising: “Pace President Sings Karaoke with Students”

President Krislov, Provost Vanya Quiñones and Pleasantville faculty and students were highlighted in the Westchester Rising newspaper.
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October 9, 2018
Forbes: “Ready to Retire But Not Done? It's Time for an Education Corps”

President Krislov reflected on attending his summer high school reunion in Kentucky and his thoughts on building an education corps to help educate the next generation.
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October 1, 2018
WAG Magazine: “Keeping Pace with Marvin Krislov”

President Krislov was profiled in WAG Magazine as he discussed Pace’s mission of Opportunitas.
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September 19, 2018
The Pleasantville Patch: “Westchester Business Council Members on New Movers and Shakers List”

President Krislov appeared in the Pleasantville Patch highlighting his inclusion in City & State’s new Westchester Power 50 list.
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September 17, 2018
City & State: “The Westchester Power 50; The Most Influential People in the Hudson Valley”

President Krislov was ranked number 31 in City & State’s Westchester Power 50 this year. “He is a dynamic force leading an institution of 13,000 students in New York City and Westchester,” City and State said.
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September 13, 2018
The Scarsdale Inquirer:“Lowey Discussed College Affordability, Accessibility.”

President Krislov and Congresswoman Nita Lowey were quoted in an article about the solutions to the issue of student loan debt.
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September 7, 2018
The Examiner: “College Students, Administrators Decry Rising Costs at Lowey Forum”

President Krislov appeared in an article covering a higher education roundtable hosted at Pace decrying the mounting costs of higher education. President Krislov said: “90 percent of Pace students receive financial aid. At Pace, more than $196 million in institutional aid was awarded to students last year, he said, and more than 3,000 students, about 30 percent of the student body, received Pell Grants. Another 4,000-plus students received subsidized loans and 1,200 students received Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants. Federal financial aid is a key part of the funding mix for our students,” he added.
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September 6, 2018
TurkHaber: “Pace University Starts Its 2018-2019 Academic Year”

President Marvin Krislov appeared in Turk Haber as he welcomed parents and international students who chose to study in New York City.

September 4, 2018
Forbes: “What You Should Know When You Go to College: A University President’s Advice to His Daughter”

President Krislov published a letter to his daughter Evie as she embarked on her college career. He also offered advice to parents sending their kids to college for the first time this year.
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August 28, 2018
The Education Writers Association: “College and the American Dream”

President Krislov shared how Pace University offers educational opportunities to low-income students, helping them to graduate into good-paying jobs. “More than half of Pace’s 13,000 students are first-generation enrollees. About half of them are students of color, and two-fifths have family incomes low enough to qualify for federal Pell grants, explained Pace President Marvin Krislov.”
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August 27, 2018
Forbes:“Top Colleges 2018: The Methodology”

President Marvin Krislov was quoted in a Forbes article where he clarified graduation rates: “IPEDS’ graduation rate statistics only count full-time undergraduates enrolled in college for the first time, who finish their bachelor’s at the same institution where they started,” President Krislov said.
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August 16, 2018
LoHud: Prepare Students Now For the Transition to College”

President Krislov penned an editorial on the challenging transition of college life and how to build resilience.
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August 3, 2018
Thrive Global: “Tips from the Top: One on one with Marvin Krislov”

President Krislov sat down with Adam Mendler, Chief Executive Officer of the Veloz Group, to offer his best advice on leadership from his early career days to presently leading the way at Pace University.
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July 24, 2018
The 74:“With the Right Supports, We Can Help Students with Autism Graduate from College, Find Work, and Lead Independent Lives”

President Krislov published an op-ed on autism and how higher education can help special needs students move into adulthood.
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July 23, 2018
Forbes: “Why We Need To Rethink Conventional Graduation”

President Krislov wrote about college success and the complexities of graduation rates in this Forbes column. He said, “Given many important changes in our country and economy, fewer and fewer students fit that old definition. It does not represent how many colleges work these days, and, as a result, the traditional overall graduation rate doesn’t really capture true college success.”
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July 19, 2018
The Chronicle of Higher Education:“How to Help Students Climb the Income Ladder”

President Marvin Krislov was quoted in an article on upward economic mobility in the Chronicle of Higher Education.
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July 3, 2018
NY1: College Admissions

NY1 featured President Marvin Krislov reacting to the Trump administration rescinding guidelines on affirmative action.
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June 29, 2018
Westchester Rising: “Educators Convene at Pace's Retention Conference”

President Krislov was one of the keynote speakers at Pace’s second annual retention conference where he said colleges needed to try harder to make students feel welcome and to connect them to resources to help them stay in school. The conference was featured in Westchester Rising.
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June 28, 2018
Forbes: "Can Online Education Inspire? I think so"

President Krislov kicked off a regular column in Forbes with an article on online education.
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June 6, 2018
The Wall Street Journal: "Congrats on the New College Job. What Will You Do With All Those Orange Ties?”

The Wall Street Journal highlighted President Krislov’s transition from Oberlin to Pace.
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June 6, 2018
Diverse Issues in Higher Education: “Protecting the Dreams of Immigrant Students”

President Krislov published an op-ed on DACA in Diverse Issues in Higher Education.
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June 4, 2018
Education Dive: “Presidents reflect on proudest moments from 2018 commencements"

President Krislov appeared in a video on the Education Dive website speaking about his first year at the helm of Pace University.
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May 29, 2018
The Atlantic: "The Schools That Are Bringing Poor Kids Into the Middle Class”

President Krislov spoke to The Atlantic about upward economic mobility. “We know that there are a lot of ways in which people of privilege benefit from their college years or having unpaid internships or having the social capital to get certain jobs,” Krislov said. But colleges can fill those gaps, particularly for low-income students, helping students get jobs, or buoying them with programs that help them land paid internships with top companies. “We provide strong networks, not only through alumni, but through faculty and staff as well. And that way we help a new generation, a new, socioeconomically diverse generation, achieve the American dream.”
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May 21, 2018
El Diario: "Deberíamos encontrar un camino que sea incluyente, justo y beneficioso para los Dreamers y el país"

El Diario ran an op-ed about DACA by President Marvin Krislov.
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May 17, 2018
The Journal News: “Pace University Graduation 2018”

The Journal News featured Pace’s Pleasantville commencement and President Marvin Krislov congratulating graduates.
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April 30, 2018
Fox 5 NY: “Puerto Rico: Hope in the Dark”

Pace President Marvin Krislov and student Gabe Rivera appeared on FOX 5 NY. They were interviewed by FOX 5's Ernie Anastos about Dyson's 2018 travel course, Producing the Documentary, and the filming and production of "Puerto Rico: Hope in the Dark."
Watch the news clip.

April 2, 2018
FiOS 1 News: “Karaoke Fun with Students"

“FiOS1 News" featured President Krislov and Pace students, staff and faculty singing at the Cafeteria Karaoke event on the Pleasantville campus. President Krislov was interviewed on camera as were Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo and students. Watch the news clip.

February 28, 2018
Westchester Magazine: "How to Get Into College: Six Westchester college presidents share their thoughts on what local high school students should do – and not do – to up their chances of admission.”
President Krislov was interviewed with other Westchester College presidents at a higher education leaders round-table hosted by "Westchester Magazine.” Read the article.

February 8, 2018
Education Dive: "People of Higher Ed: Pace University President Marvin Krislov is a champion for diversity and access”
President Marvin Krislov was profiled in Education Dive as a champion for diversity and access in the publication’s section on "People of Higher Ed." Read the article.

February 7, 2018
E-Learning Inside News: “In Coverage of Online Courses, Generalizations Prevail”

President Krislov’s “New York Times” letter was quoted in “E-Learning Inside News” in an article that applauds his voice speaking up for adult learners in online programs. Read the article.

January 2018
Westchester Magazine: “Pace University Evening Reception, Bedford Hills”
Westchester Magazine ran a photo with caption in the January 2018 issue of President Krislov with Sarah Lawrence College president Cristle Collins Judd. The photo was from the inauguration welcome reception on October 28 at the Glen Arbor Golf Club in Bedford Hills. Read the article (PDF).

December 17, 2017
CGTN: "Number of Int’l Students Coming to US Drops for First Time in a Decade"
President Krislov was interviewed by Karina Huber of "CGTN America" on the value of international students to American colleges and universities and to employers. Read the article and view the video.

December 11, 2017
Westchester County Business Journal: “Pace Team Wins Fed Challenge”

The Westchester County Business Journal quoted President Krislov in an article on the College Fed Challenge team win for Pace. Pace University President Marvin Krislov said, “This team’s dedication and success as well as that of their professors is a great example of the experiential learning and meaningful mentorship that is the hallmark of the Pace Path.” Read the article. Similar articles appeared in Patch, Westchester Rising, and Life Pulse Health as well as websites across the country that picked up Pace’s press release.

December 7, 2017
The Jewish Voice: "International Students: A Boon to New York and the Nation"
President Krislov published an op-ed on the benefits of international students to institutions and the country in "The Jewish Voice.” Read the article.

December 1, 2017
Crain's New York Business: "Is college worth it? The numbers say yes—especially in New York"

President Krislov published an op-ed in "Crain's New York Business" on higher education as the best path forward and New York as the best place to earn a college degree. Read the article.

November 21, 2017
The Journal News: "New Pace President Marvin Krislov committed to the 'Pace Path'"

President Krislov was interviewed by the editorial board of 'The Journal News.’ The paper featured his interview and an overview of what the President views as they key issues in higher education and the keys to Pace’s success in upward mobility and educating future leaders. Read the article.

November 21, 2017
WNYC: Live from The Greene Space: New College Presidents on Campus
President Krislov was interviewed on WNYC public radio by Brian Lehrer. Also interviewed was new Barnard President Sian Beilock. The interview was on air, live streamed and videotaped in studio in front of an audience of 140 people. Listen to the entire program.

November 13, 2017
Westchester County Business Journal: “Krislov Becomes Pace President”

The Westchester County Business Journal ran a brief with photo of President Krislov at his inauguration on October 29, 2017. Read the article.

November 10, 2017
NPR: A Chat with Pace University President Marvin Krislov on College Value
Pace President Marvin Krislov was interviewed for NPR Nantucket on the challenges facing US colleges and universities; serving first-gen students, maintaining diversity, and how Pace is leading the nation among private colleges in creating an upward mobility path tied to college value, jobs and financial security.

November 9, 2017
Westchester County Business Journal: Krislov Becomes Pace President
Marvin Krislov was inaugurated as the eighth president of Pace University during a ceremony held in the Goldstein Health and Fitness Center on Pace’s Pleasantville campus. Read the article.

November 8, 2017
Patch: "
Pace Installs New President In Pleasantville Ceremony"
The inauguration of Marvin Krislov capped off a week-long schedule of activities at the Pleasantville and New York City campuses. Read the article.

October 31, 2017
The Journal News: "Pace University Plants Tree for new President"

Pace University in Pleasantville held a tree planting ceremony Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017 to celebrate the inauguration of the college's new President Marvin Krislov. Watch the news clip.

October 31, 2017
The Journal News: "
Pace University President Inaugurated"
Despite heavy rain, hundreds came out to Pace University in Pleasantville today, Oct. 29, 2017, to witness the inauguration of the college’s new President, Marvin Krislov. Krislov became Pace’s eighth president. Watch the video.

October 31, 2017
News12: "New Pace University President"

The installation ceremony was held for Marvin Krislov. Krislov served as Oberlin College's President for a decade and graduated from Yale. He is the universities 8th President. Watch the news clip.

October 6, 2017
Inside Higher Education: "The Life-Shaping Power of Higher Education"

Pace President Marvin Krislov reflects on the challenges over the past decade -- and the one thing that hasn’t changed. Read more.

October 3, 2017
The Chronicle of Higher Education: "Can a 20-Minute Test Tell Employers What a College Degree Cannot?"
Goldie Blumenstyk from "The Chronicle of Higher Education" interviewed President Marvin Krislov at their offices in Washington, D.C. She quotes him in her article about whether hiring practices should include tests and whether those tests can be more of a determining factor of employment readiness than a college degree. Read the article.

September 22, 2017
Daily Voice: "Pace Joins Elected Officials, DREAMers For Immigration Discussion"
Pace University’s Elisabeth Haub School of Law recently hosted a round-table discussion on DACA and the DREAM Act, organized by Congresswoman Nita Lowey. Pace President Marvin Krislov was part of the panel with immigration advocates, legal experts and immigrants, including Pace student Lisdy Contreras Giron.

September 18, 2017
FIOS1 News: "Rep. Nita Lowey hosts roundtable discussion on DREAM Act"
Pace President Marvin Krislov was part of a recent round-table discussion on DACA and the DREAM Act, hosted by Congresswoman Nita Lowey at Pace University’s Elisabeth Haub School of Law. The event was covered by FiOS1 News. Pace student Lisdy Contreras Giron was interviewed by FiOS1 after the event. Read more.

August 21, 2017
The Examiner: "Science Lovers, Community Celebrate Solar Eclipse Together at Pace"
President Marvin Krislov was interviewed by The Examiner at the eclipse viewing event on Pace's Pleasantville campus, highlighting that "universities should be places where people come together for educational events." Read more.

August 14, 2017
Westchester County Business Journal: "Q&A: Former Oberlin president Marvin Krislov takes over at Pace"
Pace University President Marvin Krislov discusses his transition to Pace, the upward mobility of our students, and the importance of the Pace Path. Read more.

August 4, 2017
npr: "The Brian Lehrer Show: Affirmative Action and the Value of Diversity"

Pace University President Marvin Krislov shares his thoughts on the college admissions process and the criteria for evaluating prospective students. Listen to the podcast.

August 3, 2017
Daily Voice: "Class Is In Session For Pace University's Newest President"

For most students, the first day of school is still weeks away. However, preparations for the upcoming semester are already underway at Pace University, as the school's incoming president, Marvin Krislov, begins his presidency this month..

August 3, 2017
The Chronicle of Higher Education: "Trump May Find No Easy Targets if He Attacks Race in Admissions"
Pace University President Marvin Krislov was quoted in an article on the possibility of the Department of Justice scrutinizing college admissions policies.

July 24, 2017
Huffington Post: "Listen Up"

Pace University President Marvin Krislov and Brock Blomberg, president of Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pa., co-wrote an article about two college presidents from different backgrounds and points of view finding common ground.

February 14, 2017
The New York Times Features New President Announcement–February 2017
"Pace University Names Head of Oberlin Its President." Read more.

February 14, 2017
New President Announcement–February 2017
Chairman of the Board Mark M. Besca ’81 and Vice Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Presidential Search Committee Richard F. Zannino ’84 announce Marvin Krislov as Pace University’s eighth president. Read more.