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Office of the President


On Sunday, October 29, 2017, Pace University formally installed Marvin Krislov as our eighth president. President Krislov took office on August 1, 2017.

In the week leading up to the installation ceremony, Pace University hosted a series of showcase events celebrating the inauguration. We looked back on Pace’s unique history and how it led us to this pivotal moment in time as well as looked to the future under the inspired and visionary leadership of our new president. These inaugural week events illustrated the innovation, leadership, and accomplishments of Pace’s students, staff, faculty, trustees, and alumni.

The formal installation ceremony was held on Sunday, October 29, from 1:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. on Pace University’s Pleasantville Campus.

Inauguration Coverage


Inauguration Events Highlight Video
Highlights from the week-long inauguration celebration include performances by Performing Arts and Actors Studio Drama School students, including “Hello, Marvin,” a rendition of “Hello, Dolly,” a tree planting, and student showcase. The week’s events celebrated the Pace Community and our new President.

Installation Ceremony Video
From the procession to President Krislov's remarks, including greetings from community members, performances from School of Performing Arts students, and remarks from speakers including Board of Trustees Chairman Mark M. Besca '81, NY State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and Dr. Johnnetta Cole.

Images capture the highlights of the procession and ceremony. 

President Krislov's Speech
"I am confident that, together, we can build on the legacy of innovation, high quality education, service to the community, and commitment to our students that has made this university what it is today—a place where students discover that their dreams really are within their reach..."

The formal program shares Pace University's history, highlights the event's program, and includes a list of the day's guest delegates.

Inauguration-Related Exhibit and Events

Student Showcase
Students demonstrated their skills, talents, and educational prowess through presentations, research, conversations, and more, including a Q&A with the Student Government Association presidents and President Krislov. A reception, along with an exhibit of the students' work, followed. Watch the presentation and view images of the presentation and exhibits.

Faculty Showcases
Faculty shared and presented their work, alone and with students, in two showcases that displayed their teaching innovation, research, and more. View the New York City program (PDF). View the Pleasantville program (PDF).

Performing Arts Showcase
Students from the Pace School of Performing Arts and the Actors Studio Drama school artfully welcomed President Krislov with an evening of music, dance, and theatrical performances. Watch the video.

Pleasantville Planting and Tree Dedication Ceremony
The Pace Community came together to beautify the campus and officially welcome President Krislov to Pace with a tree planting and dedication ceremony. View pictures.

Foundations: Building the Pace Path Exhibit
Pace University's approach to preparing students for success can be traced back to Homer Pace himself. This exhibit illustrated Homer's holistic ideas along with many of Pace's other innovative moments that have led us to this pivotal moment in time. Watch the slide presentation that accompanied the exhibit (PDF)

Welcome the new President

Members of the Pace Community offer some thoughts about our new president and welcome him to campus. Add your welcome message.

"Welcome to Pace President Krislov. May God guide you and give you discernment in this exciting and challenging leadership role as president of Pace University. Onward and upward on eagles' wings!!"

Michelle Beckford

"I wish you the best of luck and hope you will continue the mission to grow national recognition of Pace and attract the best professors and students. One important thing is legacy. I don't believe the school focuses on legacy like many other universities. Getting alumni to contribute and volunteer is critical for the future of Pace. I fear the lack of a tradition and disparate campuses has not helped over the years and quite honestly has contributed confusion. Pace should be competing against NYU head on and be the preferred school of choice. A national sports program that competes in draft picks will help promote the school prestige. It's time for a new chapter and I hope you will keep this in mind. Alumni donations and contributions are critical for the next 100 years. "

Richard Menziuso

"Welcome to a great institution. I have been involved in Pace University since gaining my valued MBA in 1984, a great institution. My Daughter graduated the Law School last year as well. I wish you the best of luck ongoing and help keep the institution on "PACE" with the world."

Harvey Betan

"Welcome aboard -- thanks for joining this exciting ride into the future."

Myrna E Miller

"Wishing you many years of success!"

Richard Wilner

"Dear President-elect Krislov,

Welcome to the Pace community! My own father recently went through the trials and tribulations of beginning a college presidency — but as a seasoned administrator, I’m sure you’ll fair just fine.

I have one favor to ask of you as you begin this new position: don’t forget about the mediocre/average/ordinary alums. I acknowledge that Pace is a large institution with many high-end alumni who I’m sure give generously, and I acknowledge that some amount of emphasis should, justly, be placed on these figures. However, in that process, please don’t ignore the rest of us. I speak not only for myself, but for many of my Pace friends when I say that we’ve felt rather forgotten post-graduation. I received a scholarship from Pace and would love to one day give back, but that has mostly been wiped from my “life budgeting plans”.

If not for the money, then focus on keeping a firm hold of connections and school spirit — as many of us have not been parading much school spirit since graduating. First-hand accounts of a school experience can, after all, go a long way — both negatively and positively.

I’m obviously not an expert in the area, otherwise I’d love to give you and Alumni Relations some truly useful tips or ideas. I just hope you’ll consider taking the “rest of us” into account.

Best regards,


Julia Geisler

"Congrats!! For much is given much is required!! I know you will do great!!"

Larry Franklin

"Welcome to Pace University!"

Robert Cornetta 07' 09'
Assistant Facility Manager, Athletics/Associate Men's Lacrosse Coach

"Extending well wishes and welcome aboard!"

Adrienne White
Alumni - Class of 1991

"Congratulations and welcome to Pace University! Wishing you a smooth transition. The Pace community is eager to embrace your leadership."

Jameyla Troy
Senior Staff Associate, Enrollment Management

"Welcome to New York Marvin. I would be glad to show you around Westchester!"

Chuck Lesnick
Pace Community Member

"Welcome President Krislov - Looking forward to your expansion on our Pace heritage left by President Friedman... It would be a pleasure to meet you at some point."

Patrick Hoover

"Congratulations on being unanimously elected as our University President ... Wishing you much success as you lead Pace into the future."

Joseph Minoldi

"Welcome to the Pace family! May your transition be a smooth one!"

Kevin Suggs

"Welcome to the Pace University Community. May you enjoy being President of a well-known institution that has been going strong for the past 111 years. May you contribute to the success of Pace as much as others have in the past. Good luck and best wishes"

Kazimer W. Galas, Jr.
Class of 1971

"Have a safe trip to NYC. Be ready to enjoy the enthusiasm of our multicultural students and successful alumni community. I will be awaiting for your talks."

Josefina Milagros Sosa
Pace University Alumna

"Welcome to Pace. Looking forward to your leadership."

Nancy Goodman
Pace University Alumna

"Dear President - elect Marvin Krislov. My name is Caroline Greco. Welcome to the Pace Community. My son Christopher N. Budesa III is a student at Pace University at the NYC Campus. He is in the "OASIS PROGRAM". My son is a Senior at Pace and will be Graduating Pace in May of 2017. If it wasn't for the staff in the Oasis Program my son wouldn't be the young man he is today. He was diagnosed with Autism and Asbergers when he was 2 1/2 hrs. old. He has struggled thru the years. But when he attended Pace and was accepted to the "Boss" program which it was called when he started in 2010, the Staff and students at Pace Welcomed My Son with open arms. Thank God for the "OASIS" program who help those students with disabilities, to fulfill their dreams and to go on to live a normal life after Pace. He has learned so much thru the staff in the "OASIS" program. As a single Parent of a student with a Disability, I THANK THE STAFF OF THE OASIS PROGRAM SO MUCH!!

I wanted to welcome you to Pace University. I Hope to meet you one day.

All the best to you."

Caroline Greco-Budesa
Pace University Parent

"Welcome! I hope your transition is a smooth one. Wishing you well in your new position at Pace."

Deborah Poe
Associate Professor, Director of Creative Writing Program

"Welcome to Pace University! This is an institution that thrives on academic excellence, practical approach to career planning, and collegiate environment. Its alumni are successful professionals and engaged citizens. I would like to see this place only grow in opportunities that it offers to its students. I hope you can take the University to new heights and wishing you much wisdom, strength and luck in doing so. Onwards and upwards."

Karina Leventul

"Welcome to Pace President Elect Krislov. As someone with a multifaceted relationship with Pace over the last 17 years, I look forward to a new and exciting under your stewardship that promotes the best interaction between all stakeholders at our noble institution. Pace is unique in that while big enough, it still maintains the intimacy of a smaller university and we welcome you to our Pace Family."

Nathifa Lewis
Adjunct, Alumna, Student, Former Student Leader

"Hi Mr. Krislov,

I would like to give you a warm welcome to Pace University! I was unable to come to your welcoming event today because I had class, but I would love to get to know you. I am a freshman photography major at Pace Pleasantville. I hope to meet you soon! Have a wonderful day!"

Samantha Mayrose
Freshman Photography Major at Pace, Pleasantville

"On behalf of the LGBTQA & Social Justice Center, welcome to Pace! We are filled with Pace Pride and look forward to sharing it with you!"

Erin Furey
Asst Director, LGBTQA & Social Justice Center

"It was a pleasure to meet you this morning President Krislov. Your enthusiasm is very inspiring. I believe that Pace will have a bright future under your leadership. Wishing you a very successful and rewarding Presidency. Congratulations!"

Debbie Sassano
Coordinator of Scheduling and Administration in the Office of the Dean

"Welcome to Pace! We look forward, with great enthusiasm, to your arrival and supporting you in your leadership of Pace at this exciting time."

Leila Franchi
AVP, Marketing and Communications, University Relations

"Dear President-elect Krislov: I want to convey my and my departmental colleague's congratulations to your appointment as the new President of Pace University. You come at a time of wonderful innovation and expansion by a very active faculty and great expansion and upgrading of the University's infrastructure. Pace's reputation has been on the rise, and we look forward to your leadership to lead us in achieving further strides. We are interested in your background in the academic field of Politics and your interest in the environment and diversity. Our department has been one of the leaders in developing the interdisciplinary Master's Program in Environmental Studies and Policy and our own Public Economic Policy concentration in our undergraduate program. We also have excelled in winning the national monetary policy competition of the Federal Reserve Challenge two years in a row. As a former provost at Pace I hope that I get a opportunity to talk with you about Pace's development and future. We welcome you and wish you best of luck and much success!"

Joseph Morreale
Chair and Professor, Department of Economics, NY

"On behalf of the University Relations department, congratulations and welcome to Pace! It’s been our pleasure partnering with you and your team on your introduction to the Pace Community. We look forward to your creativity, energy, and vision, and supporting you as you lead Pace into the coming years. Your Pace Path starts here."

Freddi Wald
Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President for University Relations

"On behalf of the Global Pathways team, congratulations and welcome to Pace University!"

Lajlim Yang
Assistant Director ISS/ Global Pathways

"Welcome President-elect Krislov! I pray that you will continue to nurture the Pace community internally as well as showcase our strengths to the outside world!"

Lisa E. Gladwell, Esq.
Graduate, Law School Alumni Board

"The staff of the Office of the President congratulates President-elect Marvin Krislov on his appointment and looks forward to welcoming him to Pace University! Jennifer, Rachel, John and Cindy are looking forward to working with President-elect Krislov and are so pleased to have the opportunity to assist during this important moment in Pace’s history."

Cindy Heilberger
Chief of Staff

"President Krislov,

Welcome to the Pace Community! As a staff member and alumna ('14), I am excited and proud to watch our University make such amazing changes on all campuses, and I am confident that your decisions will continue to move us in the most positive direction. I hope your transition into Pace University is seamless and rewarding!"

Julia DeCecco
Financial Aid Counselor (NYC)

“Pace is currently on a great upward trajectory!! We are counting on the new administration to take us further on this ascending path. You can be assured of our full cooperation. Welcome to Pace!!”

Uday Sukhatme

“Dear President-elect Krislov,

On behalf of the department of Human Resources, it is our pleasure to welcome you to Pace University! Matt Renna and I lead the HR department, reporting into Bob Almon, CFO. As you become more acclimated to our university, its surroundings and people, we wanted to reach out to let you know that we are here to help make your onboarding experience as seamless and successful as possible.

I’m sure you’ll have much to do in the upcoming months learning about our culture, leadership teams and total workforce rewards. During this time, please do not hesitate to contact either one of us with questions:

  • Matt Renna, Associate Vice President, Human Resources (Compensation & Benefits) - or (914) 923-2738
  • Betsy Garti, Associate Vice President, Human Resources (Employee & Labor Relations, Staffing & Recruitment and Organizational Learning & Development) - or (914) 923-2781

We are both looking forward to partnering with you in order to provide a efficacious transition, onboarding experience and partnership to ensure that our people strategy is in line with your vision and the University’s strategic plan.

Betsy and Matt”

Matt Renna
Associate Vice President, Human Resources (Compensation & Benefits)

Betsy Garti
Associate Vice President, Human Resources (Employee & Labor Relations, Staffing & Recruitment and Organizational Learning & Development)

“Welcome to the Pace Community! We anxiously await your arrival! I look forward to hearing your vision and working with you to make it happen! Pace is a wonderful place - I hope it proves to be a great fit for you.”

Todd Smith-Bergollo
Assistant Dean For Students, NYC

“Dear Mr. Krislov:

Most of what is good in my life, and the lives of others in which I have been privileged to play a role, results from my nights at Pace University.

I fondly recall working for Eisner and Lubin located at 250 Park Avenue, catching the subway to the Downtown Campus and eating my Burger King dinner across from the Merryl Lynch Bull.

I would then hustle into the classroom buildings where I would gaze in awe at the diverse collection of photographs attesting to the amazing success and contributions of Pace Alumni.

I am confident you will enhance the tradition of Opportunitas and add numerous testimonial photos.

Mazel Tov.”

Brian Charles Berkowitz, MBA '83

“On behalf of Pace University Pleasantville faculty and myself, we welcome Marvin Krislov to the Pace family. A nationally recognized higher education leader with impeccable credentials and prolific dossier that include substantial fund raising acumen, he immeasurably enhanced the ranking of his prior institution. His unwavering commitment to faculty, students, staff, and alumni will inextricably play a pivotal role to propel Pace forward to its truly deserving stature in the nation.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Board of Trustees, especially its chair Mr. Mark Besca, and Mr. Richard Zannino, the chair of the presidential search, and his committee members, including a number of key dedicated faculty, for their most scrupulous due diligence that led to the appointment of President Krislov.

And last but not least, let us thank President Friedman for his leadership of the past decade or so, and wish him all the very best in his life endeavors.”

David Rahni
Professor of Chemistry, Chair, Faculty Council (West)

“Welcome to Pace University, Mr. Krislov!”

Allison Birkinbine
President of Kappa Delta Sorority-Eta Iota Chapter

“Thank you to the Search Committee for an awesome decision. As an adjunct professor who teaches sustainability for Dyson’s expanding Environmental Studies and Science Dept., I can’t think of a single college in the U.S. which I admire more for its commitment to sustainability. I look forward to hearing the new President’s vision for deepening and expanding Pace’s commitment to sustainability, and I am absolutely certain there are many lessons learned from Oberlin that will assist this University in meeting and even surpassing our potential to be a leader in this arena.

I plan to attend Thursday’s meet and greet. Welcome to Pace!”

Claudia Mausner
Adjunct Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

“Dear President Krislov,

Welcome! As full time faculty at the Actors Studio Drama School since 2009 I can assure you that you are joining a wonderful community of educators and administrators. I've read about your tenure at Oberlin and was heartened and impressed to learn that during your time as president you continued to teach courses on law and public policy. Your love of teaching combined with your impressive educational pedigree and experience at Oberlin, which is of course of Americas premier universities, will certainly serve Pace well.

As the executive director of The Actors studio Drama School Rep season I look forward to possibility of seeing you at one of our productions, which spans seven weeks between April and May. I would love for you to join us on our closing night of the season, which is May 13th. Our beloved Dean Nira Herrmann, Dean emeritus James Lipton, esteemed actress Ellen Burstyn from the Actors Studio, chair of the program- Andreas Manolikakis- and the faculty of ASDS, are always in attendance for this finale to our season. As the date approaches I’ll send you an invitation in hopes that your schedule can accommodate us. We would be honored to have you in the audience!

Warmest regards.”

Shawn Lewis
Executive Director of the Actors Studio Drama School Rep at Pace, full-time faculty for ASDS

“On behalf of the Pace University Library, I want to extend a warm welcome to Pace University! We are excited to have you here and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

Steven Feyl
Director, Mortola Library

“Welcome to Pace University! We look forward to a new and exciting future :)”

Frida Aminova
Senior Programmer/Analyst, Information Technology Services

“President-elect Marvin Krislov, Welcome to Pace and good luck.”

Pat Warnock, MBA '86

“Welcome to Pace! I am very much looking forward to meeting you and letting you know about some of the great things we are doing here at Pace. It looks like you have accomplished some amazing things in your career and I know you will do wonderful things for us here at Pace too. Welcome! (and I am especially curious about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!)”

Kathy Winsted
Associate Professor of Marketing, Lubin School of Business

“Welcome to the Pace Family!!”

Larry Franklin '75

“Welcome! There are so many exciting things happening at Pace. We are excited to have you on board and look forward to introducing you to our alumni community. Please feel free to contact me if I can answer any questions or be of any assistance.”

Dawn Rigney
Assistant Vice President, Alumni and Parent Relations

“Dear President-Elect Krislov, we at Pace University, and in particular, the NYC Student Affairs team is so very excited for your appointment and arrival to Pace. Welcome to the family! If you should need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Marijo Russell O'Grady
Associate Vice President/Dean for Students

“Welcome to Pace University, President-elect Krislov. We are all very excited to have you join the Pace community, and we are all looking forward to working with you at this exciting time for Pace. We look forward to the extensive experience you bring in higher education and the great things we will all do together under your leadership. Thank you to the search committee and Board of Trustees for your terrific work in this process, and thank you to President Friedman for your excellent leadership over this last decade.”

Brian Evans
Assistant Provost for Experiential Learning, Coordinator of the Pace Path, and Professor of Mathematics Education, School of Education

“Welcome, President Krislov! Excited to have you on board. Thank you, the Presidential Search Committee, for your hard work.”

Lijun He
Assistant Professor, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

“Welcome President Krislov to Pace!! We met briefly at AAC&U when we presented on our Student Success initiatives during the round table sessions! I have been at Pace for 28 glorious years and am very excited that you share the same values that Pace represents! I look forward to meeting you again on Thursday and working with you over the next decade or longer!!!”

Sue Maxam
Assistant Vice President, Undergraduate Education

“Great things are happening at Pace and we're very excited to have you a part of it. Welcome!”

Alyssa ’08, ’18
Staff and Alumna

“On behalf of the Pforzheimer Honors College, I would like to welcome you to Pace President Krislov! I look forward to introducing you to some of our marvelous students so you can learn about their research interests and passions.”

Susan E. Dinan
Dean, Pforzheimer Honors College

“On behalf of the entire Board of Trustees, I am pleased to welcome Marvin Krislov as the next president of Pace. Pace plays an essential role in the realization of individual dreams of achievement. Our mission is voiced in the motto, Opportunitas, and Marvin embodies it. He is the ideal person to lead Pace into a new era of growth and build on the renewal and revitalization that Pace has experienced under Steve Friedman. Marvin has demonstrated throughout his career the strong, effective, enlightened, and passionate leadership to propel Pace to a new level of impact and stature.”

Mark M. Besca ’81
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

“Our search committee was unanimous in its excitement about bringing Marvin Krislov to Pace given his proven principled leadership amid turbulent times and his strong practitioner and academic successes. His commitment to diversity, opportunity, and building relationships both internal and external make him a natural fit for Pace University as we continue to grow in our service to current and future generations of students.”

Hillary Knepper, PhD
Associate Professor of Public Administration, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

“Throughout the entire selection process, I believed that Marvin Krislov truly aligned with the tenets of our motto of Opportunitas—our university’s mission to see through a student’s success regardless of their background. Marvin Krislov’s leadership will be valuable in a time in which Pace is rapidly changing, pushing forward a diverse and inclusive community working toward greatness.”

Marc Rinosa ’17
Student, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

“Marvin was the committee’s first and unanimous choice among the many highly-qualified candidates we interviewed during our search process. Our goal was to identify a leader who had an abiding affinity for Pace’s mission of Opportunitas and could further accelerate the remarkable progress and momentum achieved under Steve Friedman. In Marvin, we have found that leader.”

Richard Zannino ’84
Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees

“In our search, Marvin Krislov emerged as a stellar leader for Pace University. He combines the quick and sophisticated sensibility of an experienced leader with a belief in Pace’s Opportunitas mission and an educator's deep sensitivity to today’s campus controversies. I could not hope for a better leader to realize fully Pace’s great potential.”

Darren Rosenblum
Professor of Law, Elisabeth Haub School of Law

“I’m very pleased to welcome Marvin Krislov to Pace as our next president. Marvin is enthusiastic about Pace’s mission and unique strengths, and he has the skills and accomplishments that we need at this moment in our history.  He’ll provide effective, collaborative leadership for our community; I am also confident that he’ll approach all challenges with good judgment and good humor.”

Nancy Reagin, PhD
Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

“Under President Friedman’s extraordinary leadership, Pace solidified its unique position in higher education as the University strengthened its capacity to meet its mission of Opportunitas for a growing number of students. With his leadership experience as president of a highly-regarded university, his comprehensive understanding of the education landscape, and his authentic connection and deep commitment to the mission of Opportunitas, I am enthusiastically confident that incoming President Marvin Krislov will build on this legacy of excellence.” 

Photeine Anagnostopoulos
Member, Board of Trustees