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Methods: A Journal of Acting Pedagogy

Methods: A Journal of Acting Pedagogy, is a peer reviewed journal dedicated to the art and craft of acting and its philosophies, exercises, and history. Methods explores acting for stage, film, and television, their similarities and differences, deconstructing old techniques and constructing new ones. Methods includes interviews with important industry professionals, academic and professional news about the performing arts, book reviews, and historical documents. Methods will embody everything about the craft and entertainment of acting, from culture to spirituality to truth.

Journal of Beat Studies (JBS)

The Journal of Beat Studies is devoted exclusively to the scholarly criticism of Beat Generation writing and writers. Its mandate is to provide readers with intelligent and penetrating criticism across the range of Beat writing, including fiction, poetry, drama, autobiography, life writing, travel writing, and screenplay writing. The ultimate goal of the journal is to advance the quality of Beat Studies scholarship through application of diverse critical perspectives that address Beat production as both complex art and cultural critique.

Journal of the Early Book Society (JEBS)

The Journal of the Early Book Society for the Study of Manuscripts and Printing History publishes several substantial articles on the history of the book, with emphasis on the period of transition from manuscript to print. This annual journal’s main focus is on English and Continental works produced from 1350 to 1550. Additionally, JEBS includes brief notes on manuscripts and early printed books, descriptive reviews of recent works in the field, and notes on libraries and collections. Edited by Martha W. Driver.

Lex Naturalis

Lex Naturalis publishes articles that consider the relevance of natural law theory to contemporary philosophical and legal discussions and debates. With its roots in classical and medieval ideas about ethics and the "good," natural law continues to be a vital source of moral insight for a postmodern society. Edited by Walter Raubicheck.

Woolf Studies Annual (WSA)

Woolf Studies Annual is a refereed journal publishing substantial new scholarship on the work of Virginia Woolf and her milieu. Each volume includes several articles, reviews of new books, and an up-to-date guide to library special collections of interest to researchers. The Annual also occasionally features edited transcriptions of previously unpublished manuscripts. Edited by Mark Hussey.

Coming Soon

  • Journal of Comics and Culture (May 2016)
  • Perspectives on Early Childhood Psychology and Education (April 2016)