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Pace University Press

WSA Volume 15

In 2006, Georgia Johnston discovered the manuscript of Virginia Woolf’s talk to the Rodmell Women’s Institute on the Dreadnought Hoax of 1910. Her diplomatic edition of the typescript is here published with her introduction; Leah Leone asks what are the consequences for Spanish readers of Borges’s antagonistic translations of Woolf’s texts; Vicki Tromanhauser reads Between the Acts as a view of life after the fiction of human civilization is no longer sustainable; Jacqueline Doyle shows how the Puerto Rican writer Judith Ortiz Cofer thinks back to Woolf; Jane Lilienfeld examines how World War I is represented in drafts Mrs. Dalloway; and Leslie K. Hankins reproduces drafts of Woolf’s essay on “The Cinema” to show what its pre-texts and pretexts tell us about her complex response to cinema. With reviews of eleven new works in modernist studies.

ISBN: 0-944473-93-8
2009, Paper, 238 pages
Price: $40.00