Ellease Oseye

Ellease Oseye

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
English - NYC


BA, Queens College

MFA, Columbia University

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

Listed in: Greenwood Encyclopedia 2005 Oxford Companion to African American Literature 1997 Oxford Companion to Women Writing in the United States 1992 Poets and Writers Being and Race Charles Johnson Indiana University Press 1988.

Courses Taught

Past Courses

ENG 120: Critical Writing
ENG 201: Writing in the Disciplines
ENG 307: Creative Writing: Fiction
ENG 308: Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG 322: Advanced Writing
ENG 322: Topic: Advncd Writing: Fiction
ENG 393: Internship
ENG 395: Independent Study in English
LIT 211: American Voices
LIT 211: Literature of African Peoples
LIT 211: The Individual and Society
LIT 212: Early Amrcn Black Live Matter
LIT 212: Literature of African Peoples
LIT 212: Romanticism & Modern World
LIT 326: African American Literature
LIT 342: Amrcn Lit: Harlem Renaissance
LIT 375: The Black Arts Movement
LIT 376: Slave Narratives
LIT 395: Independent Study-Literature