Iride Lamartina-Lens

Iride Lamartina-Lens

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Modern Languages and Cultures - NYC


Awards and Honors

  • Asociacion de Autores Teatrales (Association of Playwrights of Spain) AAT, 2015, Premio a la Mejor Labor Editorial 2015 (Award for Best Editor 2015)
  • Pace University, 2003, Kenan Excellence in Teaching Award


BA, Brooklyn College
Spanish and Italian

MA, Rutgers University

PhD, Rutgers University

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

Co-editor of an English translation literary series Estreno Contemporary Spanish Plays; co-editor of three critical Spanish theater anthologies; theater critic; translator; short fiction writer.

Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

Staged production of Antonio Cesar Moron's Preying of Instinct [Balanza de los instintos]
[Translator of Spanish Drama staged] IATI Theater, New York, NY

Courses Taught

Past Courses

INT 299: Cntmpry Spnsh Thtr: Pg to Stg
ITA 101: Elementary College Italian I
ITA 154: Culture of Southern Italy
LAS 150: Mdrn Ltn Amrcn Dvs - LC
SPA 101: Elementary College Spanish I
SPA 102: Elementary College Spanish II
SPA 154: Contemporary Culture of Spain
SPA 196: Field Study: Argentina & Chile
SPA 263: Spanish for Native Speakers
SPA 280: Intensive Review of Spanish
SPA 283: Intrmdte Spanish Cnvrstn
SPA 284: Intrmdte Spanish Composition
SPA 301: Spa Convrstn, Dctn, and Phntcs
SPA 303: Adv. Oral & Written Expression
SPA 304: Trnsltn, Intrprtn, & Cnvrstn
SPA 311: Intro to Latin Americn Culture
SPA 312: Field Studies in Spain
SPA 316: Masterpiece of Spanish Lit I
SPA 317: Masterpieces of Spanish Lit II
SPA 323: Modern Latin American Prose
SPA 332: Golden Age Literature in Spain
SPA 337: 20th Cen. Spanish Literature
SPA 345: Latin American Theatre
SPA 380: Nobel Prize Winners of Spain
SPA 390: Honors Project in Spanish
SPA 391: Spanish Internship
SPA 395: Independent Study in Spanish
SPA 480: Nobel Prize Winners of Spain
SPA 480: Wmn Wrtrs of Spain & America
SPA 490: Spanish Internship

Publications and Presentations


Paradise Lost: Darwin's Tortoise by Juan Mayorga and Tsunami by Guillermo Heras
Berardini, S. P., Heras, G., Lamartina-Lens, I. P. & Mayorga, J. Vol 37 (Issue 2014)