Pritha Dutta

Pritha Dutta

Assistant Professor
Lubin School of Business
Management and Management Science

Pritha Dutta

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Dr. Pritha Dutta is an Assistant Professor of Management Science in the Department of Management and Management Science in the Lubin School of Business at Pace University.

Dr. Dutta’s research interests include operational and strategic issues faced by supply chains in the healthcare industry and other areas with public policy implications, and of societal value such as sustainable supply chain management, and humanitarian logistics. Her research, focusing on modeling and analyzing blood supply chains in the United States in the face of several challenges including, but not limited to competition among non-profit blood banks, has been published in international journals such as Annals of Operations Research, Omega: The International Journal of Management Science and Operations Research for Health Care. She has also worked on the airlines industry, using data analytics to study the impact of implementation of baggage fees on on-time performance of airline companies, that was published in Transportation Research E in 2017. Dr. Dutta has been an active member of INFORMS and has been presenting her work at international conferences including the INFORMS Annual Meetings since 2015.

Teaching has always been a passion of Dr. Dutta’s. Her teaching interests include business statistics, data analytics, optimization, operations and supply chain management. She enjoys mentoring students for in-class projects as well as for independent research.


PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst
Management Science

Publications and Presentations


Dutta, P., Nagurney, A. (2019). Multitiered blood supply chain network competition: Linking blood service organizations, hospitals, and payers. Operations Research for Health Care. 23100230. Read More >>

Nagurney, A., Dutta, P. (2019). Competition for Blood Donations. Omega. 85 Read More >>

Nagurney, A., Dutta, P. (2019). Supply Chain Network Competition Among Blood Service Organizations: A Generalized Nash Equilibrium Framework. Annals of Operations Research. 275(2), 551-586. Read More >>

Yazdi, A.A., Dutta, P., Steven, A.B. (2017). Airline baggage fees and flight delays: A floor wax and dessert topping?. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review. 10483-96. Read More >>

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