Roger Salerno

Roger Salerno

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Sociology and Anthropology
41 Park Row


Faculty Bio

Born and raised in New York City, Roger Salerno has worked in East Harlem as a researcher and agency director in the 1970s, and then for the City of New York as an urban planner and lead budget analyst. He holds a PhD in Sociology and a Masters in Urban Planning from NYU. He is a licensed and practicing pyschoanalyst/psychotherapist.

Research and Creative Works

Research Interest

He has written seven books on topics ranging from urban alienation, crime, the history of American sociology, and contemporary social and psychoanalytic theory. Forthcoming:
Fear City Cinema (2022).

Courses Taught

Past Courses

ANT 395: Indpndnt Study in Anthropology
ECO 395: Independent Study in Economics
ENV 296: Envrnmntl Issues & Government
INT 196: Urban Social Photography
INT 296: Children in Urban Society
INT 296: City in Film, Lit & Soc Thry
INT 299: Ntns of Slf in Phi & Scl Thry
INT 299: The Drama of Social Change
MGT 330: Business and Society
SOC 102: Introduction to Sociology
SOC 110: Social Problems
SOC 113: Dynamics of Change- What Next?
SOC 116: Sociology of Deviance
SOC 118: Sociology Through Film
SOC 205: Intimacy and Social Change
SOC 222: Gender and Social Change
SOC 235: Self & Society
SOC 242: Consumer Society
SOC 245: Urban Planning
SOC 296: Social Movements
SOC 296: Topic: Consumer Society
SOC 296: Topic: Social Movements
SOC 296: Topic: Sociology of Torture
SOC 296: TPC: Men & Masculinities
SOC 296: Tpc:Sociology of Space & Place
SOC 297: Intimacy and Social Change
SOC 297: Topic: Self and Society
SOC 318: Urbanism and Modernism
SOC 323: Social Theories
SOC 323: Social Theory
SOC 380: Social Research Methods
SOC 390: Internship in Sociology
SOC 395: Independent Study in Sociology
WS 268: Men and Masculinities
WS 296: Tpc: Queer Theory

Professional Contributions and Service

Public Service

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